Climate & Energy

Preserving and protecting the environment is one of our greatest priorities in Redmond. Residents and community members have volunteered thousands of hours to plant trees and enhance natural spaces, leaders in Redmond’s business community have made bold clean energy commitments, and the City has made improvements to reduce energy use and preserve resources. Against this backdrop, our climate is rapidly changing, and the science is clearer than ever; now is the time for bold climate action. Redmond’s climate and energy programming supports the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions the transition to a clean energy future. 

Join the Redmond Climate Action Challenge!

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Did you know that about 40% of U.S. climate emissions come from basic household activities? The great news is there are more ways than ever for you to take action, save money, and make a difference. The Redmond Climate Action Challenge makes it easy and fun to reduce your environmental impact. You select the actions specific to your journey, track your progress, and watch your carbon footprint decline as you make changes at home. You can collaborate with your neighbors, share ideas and resources, and work towards your goals together.  Learn more and join the Redmond Climate Action Challenge today!

Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

The Environmental Sustainability Action Plan is Redmond’s roadmap to preserve our natural resources and create a healthy, equitable and resilient Redmond for all. It puts our community on a journey towards an inclusive future powered by clean energy, diverse clean transportation options, less waste in our landfills, and a thriving natural environment.

The Plan was adopted by Redmond City Council in September 2020 and builds on the City’s 2014 Climate Action Implementation Plan. Environmental Sustainability-Goals

Climate Emergency Declaration

The Redmond City Council approved a Climate Emergency Declaration during the October 6, 2020 Council meeting. The Declaration establishes a goal of carbon neutrality for City operations by 2030 and other key climate and sustainability commitments.  

The Declaration was developed collaboratively by the City Council and highlights 13 key objectives, including a goal of zero waste of resources across City operations, adoption of green building standards for new City facilities and new construction, and a commitment to prepare a climate vulnerability assessment. 

The Declaration brings added urgency to the City’s comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Action Plan. The Declaration was integrated into the Environmental Sustainability Action Plan and serves to highlight and expedite key Council policy priorities.



Reducing emissions and enhancing mobility through improved vehicle efficiency, improved land use, and cleaner modes of transport.

Sustainable City Operations

City activities to support its vision of a sustainable community.

Climate Preparedness

Enhancing community-wide resilience to climate impacts.