Transcript - Mayor's Join Us Video

Hello, I'm Mayor Angela Birney. 

When you think about Redmond in the year 2050, what do you visualize?

Change to cities doesn't just happened, it is carefully planned in partnership with the community. As a matter of fact, under state law cities across Washington are required to plan for employment and population growth assigned to them.  

I would like to invite you to help us plan for Redmond's future by participating in a project we call Redmond 2050. The Redmond 2050 project will provide updates to the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and other plans and regulations that will help guide the city for the next 30 years. These include planning for growth, planning for City services that address the future needs of our residents, and reviewing and updating policies for housing, transportation, economic development, and human services.  

Redmond's Comprehensive Plan provides the goals, objectives, policies, actions, and standards that are intended to guide the day to day decisions of elected officials and staff. By working together through the Redmond 2050 efforts, we will identify the interests and goals of the community as well as our needs for future infrastructure and services. This updated plan will focus on equity, sustainability, economic resiliency, and technology.

Those who live and work here know Redmond best. I hope you will join us and participate in shaping our future.  

Get involved by learning about the project at or by looking around our Virtual Lobby. You can provide feedback through online questionnaires and sign up to receive Redmond 2050 email updates.

Thank you for helping us to plan for the future of Redmond.

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