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Help decide what Redmond will be like in 2050! 

Growth numbers are assigned to cities through a state and regional planning process, but each community determines: 

  • how that growth will be accommodated, 
  • what it will look like, 
  • and how to meet community needs.

The City of Redmond is currently undertaking a Visioning process to determine where and how growth will be accommodated. This Visioning process will run between Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 and engage the Redmond community throughout this time.  The work of the Visioning process will inform an update to the Redmond Comprehensive Plan


The Visioning Process

What will the Visioning process look like?
How much will the Region grow?Where will growth go in Redmond?What will growth look like? What are the impacts and how can they be avoided or mitigated?
Icon | Vision - Regional Growth
The Puget Sound Region Council provides updated growth targets for the entire region, including a specific target for Redmond. This target will give a number of residents and jobs that the City is expected to accommodate by 2050.
Icon | Where growth will go in Redmond
Approximately 70% of this growth will go into the urban centers and transit-oriented development in Overlake, Downtown, and Marymoor. Up to 30% of growth may go into targeted areas around the rest of Redmond.
Icon | Vision - What growth will look like
The Visioning process will determine both how much growth goes in each area and what it looks like - i.e. what types of buildings will be used.
Icon | Vision - Impacts
As part of Redmond 2050, an environmental analysis and Transportation Master Plan will be studied alongside the Visioning process. All this information will then be integrated into the Redmond Comprehensive Plan Update.

How can I be involved? 

Community engagement will be incorporated throughout the Redmond  2050 project, primarily within the Digital Open House platform. Current opportunities to provide feedback can be found on the tablets by the stairs within this virtual lobby.  

For the Visioning process, there are 3 identified engagements stages of the design process with the initial stages in October and November of 2020 and the final elements after the first of the new year. Feedback results will be shared prior to the next engagement, as well as how this feedback has shaped our design process. 

OPEN NOW:  Gains & Pain Exercise 

  • Think about the future growth of Redmond by the year 2050. What would you want the City look like in 30 years? What are your concerns about how the City grows?   Provide your thoughts

To be alerted when new engagement opportunities, please sign up for the Redmond 2050 newsletter here: 


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Visioning Thumbnail | Photo of Marymoor Village housing

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