Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite

Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite

Tenth Anniversary of the Redmond Zoning Code

2020 marks the ten-year anniversary of the City's previous "rewrite" of its Zoning Code.

This provides an opportunity for code enhancements -- establishing a solid foundation for additional changes in the coming years.  

2021 Amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code

During 2021, four amendment packages will be proposed as update and refinement to the Redmond Zoning Code.

Redmond Zoning Code ReWrite - Phase 1

The first phase of the Redmond Zoning Code ReWrite focuses on foundational improvement and some timely amendments.  The majority of the amendments during this phase will involve improvements to the Code's format, organization, and functional aspects.  As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Strategic Revisions will amend key portions of the code to improve efficiency, clarity, and economic support.

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Continuous Improvement and Development Services Amendments

This amendment package will introduce clarity and transparency to the City’s Development Service Center (DSC) customers and the community. The amendments will strengthen the cost recovery of DSC services, support alignment between decision making and permit types, and further streamline the permitting experience.

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Bridge Amendments

This bridge amendment package involves regulations of the City’s growing urban center of Overlake (OV) and the newer neighborhood of the Marymoor Village (MDD):

  • Marymoor Village (MDD) development incentives
  • Overlake (OV) subterranean parking and building height
  • Overlake (OV) building modulation

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2021 Annual Code Cleanup

The City of Redmond periodically proposes amendments to the Redmond Zoning Code and Redmond Municipal Code as part of regular cleanup. Amendments generally include corrections such as:

  • References to the Redmond Zoning Code and other regulations
  • Scrivener’s errors
  • Terminology for consistency with federal, state, and local laws

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RMC and RZC Online Interface Transfer

One of first steps in rewriting the zoning code is transferring its online hosting to Code Publishing.  This involves changes to the visual interface in comparison and contrast to the current interface hosted by EnCode.  

A Narrated Tour of New Interface Features.  Also available here as a pdf

A few notable changes to the interface include:

  • Redmond Municipal Code and Redmond Zoning Code in one location -- using same online interface
  • Table of Contents located in main menu -- always at the top of the page while navigating the code
  • "What's Nearby" tools to jump to next Title, Chapter, or Section
  • Legislative History accessed via the History and Information tools
  • Information tool to print, share, and flag code section
  • Selection tool to flag or select code sections for easy and frequent reference
  • Customizable view settings for personal accessibility and preference

Redmond Municipal and Zoning Codes on Code Publishing Platform Opens in new window

View the RMC and RZC on Code Publishing's Platform

Setting a Foundation for the Future

A periodic update to Redmond's Comprehensive Plan is also underway to reflect the vision for 2050.  Future updates to the Zoning Code will be necessary to ensure consistency with the Comprehensive Plan's policies.  Additional updates will also be necessary as new policies are reflected in the City's functional plans such as the Transportation Master Plan; Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture, and Conservation Plan; Environmental Sustainability Action Plan; and other such plans.  

The 2020 - 2021 amendments will provide a clear, concise, and improved zoning code upon which the subsequent amendments will be provided.

Become a Party of Record

Submit your contact information including your name, business name, address, phone, and email Kimberly Dietz.  You will receive updates regarding the Redmond Zoning Code Rewrite as it proceeds. (RZC 21.78 Definitions - Party of Record)