SEPA Scoping

Redmond 2050 Environmental Review

An environmental impact statement (EIS) provides information to the public and decision-makers about the environmental effects of plans or projects on the natural and built environment.

Redmond will prepare an EIS that will identify environmental conditions, growth alternatives, potential impacts, and measures to reduce or mitigate any significant, unavoidable adverse impacts. The City will also consider tools to incentivize development that meets the vision and environmental performance standards such as through a Planned Action or Infill Exemption. (RCW 43.21c.440 and 43.21c.229) 

Points of Public Input 

  • Expanded scoping period upfront. 
  • 30-day+ agency and public comment period on the Draft EIS. 
  • A Final EIS will be prepared to respond to public and agency comments. 


SEPA Scoping Timeline Graphic.
SEPA Scoping starts in October of 2020, with comments accepted through 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. The Preliminary Draft EIS will be completed in the later Winter or Spring of 2021, with the Draft in Summer or Fall or 2021 and the Final EIS in Spring or Summer of 2022. The EIS will be prepared in tandem with the Redmond 2050 Phase 1 documents.


Scoping is a process required by the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) intended to focus the scope of an EIS on the probable significant adverse impacts and reasonable alternatives, including mitigation measures. Scoping is a call for comments from the public, tribes, and agencies about EIS topics and alternatives. 

What topics should be studied in the EIS?

What topics should be studied in the EIS?
Air Quality/GHGLand Use & SocioeconomicsNatural Environment
AestheticsTransportationPublic Services & Utilities


Growing Sustainably 

The EIS will test the current plan and growth alternatives. Alternatives would look at where growth will go and will focus most growth in Urban Centers and transit-oriented development (TOD) areas such as Overlake, Downtown, and Marymoor. 

What is an Alternative? 

Alternatives are different ways of achieving objectives. The City’s objectives include to create a Comprehensive Plan that meets state and regional requirements, such as to accommodate expected fair share of growth and focus most growth around Urban Centers and Transit-Oriented Development areas. The Alternatives will consider different land use and growth options and infrastructure investments. 

City desires to create a plan reflecting economic resiliency, equity & inclusion, technology forward (“Smart City”), and sustainability. The EIS will incorporate these themes where applicable. 

How to Provide Scoping Comments 

You are invited to comment on EIS alternatives, topics the EIS should evaluate, potential impacts and mitigation, and approvals required. 

Ways to give your input: 

Share your ideas 

  • What topics are most important to study in the Redmond 2050 Environmental Impact Statement? 
  • What ways can Redmond shape growth to be sustainable? 

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