Redmond Parking Implementation Plan


The City of Redmond began the process of developing a Downtown Parking Management Strategic Plan in fall of 2018 including the following four phases identified below. The implementation plan addresses the final phase of the project as the first three phases have been completed with input from the community through two online surveys, a staff committee, and a stakeholder advisory committee.

1. Existing Conditions Report, including:

  •  Provide planning and policy context for parking in Downtown Redmond by identifying past planning efforts and existing policies and regulations that influence the management and creation of parking today.
  •  Survey and Inventory of existing parking resources and the management of those resources.

2. Identify Opportunities and Constraints

3. Develop a list of actionable recommendations

4. Implementation Plan

  •  Provide an overview of actions to be taken to be implemented to meet project goals.
  • Provide information on timelines and process to implement the vetted parking strategies.
  1. Caroline Chapman

    Program Administrator
    Phone: 425-556-2442