2020 Environmental Sustainability Action Plan

About the Plan 

The Environmental Sustainability Action Plan (Sustainability Plan) provides a foundational blueprint for achieving Redmond’s vision for an environmentally sustainable community over the next 30 years. The Plan aims to guide Redmond City government, residents, and businesses toward meeting their needs and maintaining a high quality of life, without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same, and while advancing the protection and enhancement the city’s precious ecosystems and resources.

The Sustainability Plan builds on the foundation of sustainability projects, programs, and activities already completed and underway within the Redmond City government and community. The plan brings together activities and objectives from related City, community, and partner organization plans and programs—including efforts at the county, regional, and state levels. The result is 24 strategies, 169 actions, key performance indicators (KPIs), and associated near- and long-term targets for realizing the city’s long-term sustainability vision. 

The Plan creates a path to reduce community-wide emissions by 89%, with a commitment to identify additional actions to achieve carbon neutrality. The figure below illustrates the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets and the strategies and actions outlined in the Plan to achieve the community GHG emissions reduction target.

2020 Wedge Analysis

Next Steps

The Sustainability Plan is in the final phases of development and is pending adoption by the Redmond City Council. For more information visit our Let's Connect page.

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