Redmond 2050 Project Documents

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Community Advisory Committee


Oct 14 | Agenda; PARCC Policy Considerations (cont) - Memo, Existing Conditions, Presentation; Overlake Options & Alternatives - Memo, Change Matrix 1.0, Options & Alternatives

Sept 9 | Agenda; PARCC Required Updates - Memo, Presentation; Other Element updates - Memo, MODRN scan, Housing policies, Economic Vitality policies, Transportation policies, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Aug 12 | Agenda; Transportation required updates and policy options & Alternatives (continued) Change Matrix, Policy Options & Alternatives; Overlake required updates, Overlake Presentation, Meeting Summary

July 8 | Agenda, Transportation required updates and policy options & Alternatives Memo, Change Matrix, Policy Options & Alternatives, Presentation; Transit-Oriented Development Introduction Memo, Growing Transit Communities Summary, Overlay TOD map, Presentation, Meeting Summary

June 10 | Agenda, Policy Options & Alternatives for Housing and Economic Vitality  Memo, Housing Options and Alternatives, Housing Change Matrix, Economic Vitality Options and Alternatives, Economic Vitality Change Matrix, Presentation, Meeting Summary

May 13 | Agenda; Growth Scenarios Memo, Presentation; Redmond Character (What makes Redmond "Redmond"?)  Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

April 15 | Agenda; Countywide Planning Policies Memo, Presentation; Required Updates - Housing & Economic Vitality Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

March 11 | Agenda, Themes Memo, Themes Presentation, Redmond HS Presentations: RHS Memo, RHS Needs & Solutions Statements, Meeting Summary

Feb 11 | Agenda, Growth Targets Memo, Presentation, Form of Growth Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Jan 14 | Agenda, Memo, Presentation, Existing Conditions reports: Land Use draft 1.0, Utilities draft 1.0, Capital Facilities draft 1.0, Natural Environment draft 1.0 attachments - BERK Trends & Best Practices 1.0, BERK Existing Conditions report 1.0, Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, ESAP Impact Analysis, Meeting Summary


Dec 10 | Agenda, Memo, Presentation,  Existing Conditions reports: Introduction draft 1.0, Economic Vitality-draft 1.0, Housing Element-draft, Transportation- draft 1.0, Meeting Summary

Nov 12 | Agenda, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Planning Commission



Sept 29 | Monthly Update Memo; Regulatory Updates Memo; Overlake Policy Options & Alternatives Memo, Attachment A-Overlake Change Matrix Draft 1.0

Sept 8 | Other Element Updates Memo, A-MODRN Scan, B-Housing Change Matrix, C-Economic Vitality Change Matrix, D-Transportation Change Matrix, Presentation

Aug 25 | Redmond 2050 Monthly Update - Memo;  Briefing, Required Updates to the Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture and Conservation (PARCC) Element - Memo, Presentation

July 28 | Introduction to Universal / Inclusive Design MemoA-Inclusive / Universal Design Resources, B-NW Universal Design Council BrochureC-UD Principles and Guidelines; Overlake & Urban Centers Policy Update Approach MemoElement Update Process Overview  

July 14 | Themes Memo, A-Themes 2.0, B-Themes flyers- Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Resiliency, Presentation; Overlake & Urban Centers Element Required Updates Memo, PSRC Centers Checklist (draft), Presentation

July 7 |  Transportation Study Session Memo, A-Transportation Change Matrix, B-Policy Options & Alternative, Presentation; Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Briefing Memo, A-Growing Transit Communities Summary, B-Overlake Center Boundary Revision & TOD map, Presentation (revised)

June 30 | Monthly Briefing-SEPA Environmental Analysis Memo, Presentation

June 9 | Policy Options & Alternatives for Housing and Economic Vitality  Memo, A-Housing Options and Alternatives, B-Housing Change Matrix, C-Economic Vitality Options and Alternatives, D-Economic Vitality Change Matrix, Presentation (revised)

May 26 | Monthly Briefing | Memo

May 12 | Growth Scenarios Memo, Presentation (revised)

April 21 | Monthly Briefing  Memo, Presentation, A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, B-Business Roundtable Discussion Summary, C-Themes, Comments, D-Visioning Round 3 Summary (Design Elements); Quarterly update on the Transportation Master Plan update  Memo, A-Outreach Summary, B-Policy Considerations

April 14 | Review of Required Updates, Housing and Economic Vitality Elements Memo, Presentation 

March 31 | Overlake updates Memo, Presentation

March 24 | monthly briefing Memo, Presentation; Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) and Growth Targets
Memo, A - Staff Presentation, B -King County Presentation, C - Draft CPPs, D - King County Staff Report

Feb 17 | Redmond 2050 themes MemoPresentation ; monthly briefing Memo, A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, B-SEPA Scoping Summary, C-SEPA Scoping Questionnaire Responses, Presentation

Jan 27 | Monthly briefing memo

Jan 13 | Growth Allocations Update: Memo, Presentation; Existing Conditions Report | Memo, Transportation Draft 1.0, Capital Facilities Draft 1.0, Utilities Draft 1.0, Presentation; Transportation Master Plan Update | Memo, A-Vision, Principles, and Strategies, B-Draft Policy Considerations and CAC Input, C-Public Outreach Summary, Presentation


Dec 9 | Monthly Update Memo, Presentation; Existing Conditions:  Memo, Introduction draft 1.0, Economic Vitality-draft 1.0, Housing Element-draft, Presentation

Nov 4 | Memo, Presentation, Scoping Notice, Scoping Document

Oct 21 | Memo

Sept 23 | Memo, Presentation

Aug 26 | Memo, A - Scope and Timeline, B - Draft Community Involvement Plan, Presentation

Aug 12 | Memo, A-Community Advisory Committee Application, B-Visioning Scope, C-SEPA Scope, D-Timeline

May 27 | Memo, March 10, A-Scope and Timeline, B-Community Benefits, C-Draft Community Engagement Plan, King County Planning Directors CPP Update, Presentation-Regional Planning Framework, Presentation-Scope and Engagement 

Jan 22 | Memo, A-KC Community Service Area, PowerPoint Presentation

City Council


  • Sept 21 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)
  • June 15 | Council Study Session (Quarterly Update) 
  • Mar 23 | Council Study Session (Quarterly Update, Existing Conditions Report) 
  • Mar 16 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)  
  • Mar 9 | Committee of the Whole
  • Feb 9 | Committee of the Whole
  • Jan 12 | Committee of the Whole  


  • Nov 17 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)
  • Nov 10 | Committee of the Whole 
  • Oct 6 | Council Adoption of Scope, Timeline, Community Involvement Plan
  • Sept 15th | Council Staff Report 
  • Sept 9th | Committee of the Whole
  • Aug 18th Council Business Meeting  (authorization to execute contracts)
  • June 16th | Council Staff Report 
  • May 19th | Council Study Session
  • April 14th | Council Study Session
  • March 24th | Council Staff Report