Redmond 2050 Project Documents

Existing Conditions Report


Provide your feedback on Draft 1.0 documents related to housing, transportation, and economic vitality. Read the draft documents and then tell us if we're on the right track or missing something!

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Community Advisory Committee


May 12 | Agenda, Memo, Transportation Policy Guide 

April 14 | Agenda, Memo, Economic Vitality Policy Guide, Transportation Policy Guide, Meeting Summary

Mar 10 | Agenda, Memo, Housing Policy Guide, Economic Vitality Policy Guide, Transportation Policy Guide, Meeting Summary

Feb 10 | Agenda, Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Jan 13 | Agenda, Extended Agenda; 2022 Look Ahead - Memo, Presentation; Element Drafts - Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary


Note: No meetings in Nov & Dec

Oct 14 | Agenda; PARCC Policy Considerations (cont) - Memo, Existing Conditions, Presentation; Overlake Options & Alternatives - Memo, Change Matrix 1.0, Options & Alternatives, Meeting Summary

Sept 9 | Agenda; PARCC Required Updates - Memo, Presentation; Other Element updates - Memo, MODRN scan, Housing policies, Economic Vitality policies, Transportation policies, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Aug 12 | Agenda; Transportation required updates and policy options & Alternatives (continued) Change Matrix, Policy Options & Alternatives; Overlake required updates, Overlake Presentation, Meeting Summary

July 8 | Agenda, Transportation required updates and policy options & Alternatives Memo, Change Matrix, Policy Options & Alternatives, Presentation; Transit-Oriented Development Introduction Memo, Growing Transit Communities Summary, Overlay TOD map, Presentation, Meeting Summary

June 10 | Agenda, Policy Options & Alternatives for Housing and Economic Vitality  Memo, Housing Options and Alternatives, Housing Change Matrix, Economic Vitality Options and Alternatives, Economic Vitality Change Matrix, Presentation, Meeting Summary

May 13 | Agenda; Growth Scenarios Memo, Presentation; Redmond Character (What makes Redmond "Redmond"?)  Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

April 15 | Agenda; Countywide Planning Policies Memo, Presentation; Required Updates - Housing & Economic Vitality Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

March 11 | Agenda, Themes Memo, Themes Presentation, Redmond HS Presentations: RHS Memo, RHS Needs & Solutions Statements, Meeting Summary

Feb 11 | Agenda, Growth Targets Memo, Presentation, Form of Growth Memo, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Jan 14 | Agenda, Memo, Presentation, Existing Conditions reports: Land Use draft 1.0, Utilities draft 1.0, Capital Facilities draft 1.0, Natural Environment draft 1.0 attachments - BERK Trends & Best Practices 1.0, BERK Existing Conditions report 1.0, Environmental Sustainability Action Plan, ESAP Impact Analysis, Meeting Summary


Dec 10 | Agenda, Memo, Presentation,  Existing Conditions reports: Introduction draft 1.0, Economic Vitality-draft 1.0, Housing Element-draft, Transportation- draft 1.0, Meeting Summary

Nov 12 | Agenda, Presentation, Meeting Summary

Planning Commission


April 27 | Urban Centers Draft 1.0 Policies Memo; Monthly Briefing MemoCommunity Involvement Summary, Presentation 

April 13 | Urban Centers Draft 1.0 Policies Memo, A - Policy Summary Table, B - Draft Charter (clean version), C - Draft Chapter (redlines), D - Centers Map, Presentation 

Mar 23 | Housing Economic Vitality, and Transportation Draft Polices 1.0 Memo, Attachment A-Preliminary PC Issues Matrix; Monthly Briefing Memo 

Mar 9 | Housing, Economic Vitality, and Transportation Draft 1.0 Policies   Memo, A – Preliminary PC Issues Matrix, B – Housing Policy Guide, C – Economic Vitality Policy Guide, D – Transportation Policy Guide

Feb 23 | Housing, Economic Vitality, and Transportation Draft 1.0 Policies MemoAttachment A – Preliminary PC Issues Matrix; Monthly Briefing Memo  

Feb 9 | Housing, Economic Vitality, and Transportation Draft 1.0 Policies Memo, A-Housing Element Draft 1.0, B-Housing Element Change Matrix Draft 1.0, C-Economic Vitality Element Draft 1.0, D-Economic Vitality Change Matrix Draft 1.0, E-Transportation Element Draft 1.0, F-Transportation Element Change Matrix Draft 1.0, Presentation; Climate Vulnerability Assessment Memo, Presentation 

Jan 26 | Monthly Update Memo, Attachment A-Presentation



Dec 15 | Monthly Update Memo 

Nov 10 |  Monthly Update MemoPresentation 

Oct 27 | Monthly Update Memo; Climate Vulnerability Assessment Briefing Memo, Presentation

Oct 13 | PARCC Element Policy Consideration Memo, DRAFT PARCC Existing Conditions Report, Presentation; Overlake Options and Alternatives Memo, Overlake Options and Alternatives, Presentation

Sept 29 | Monthly Update Memo; Regulatory Updates Memo; Overlake Policy Options & Alternatives Memo, Attachment A-Overlake Change Matrix Draft 1.0

Sept 8 | Other Element Updates Memo, A-MODRN Scan, B-Housing Change Matrix, C-Economic Vitality Change Matrix, D-Transportation Change Matrix, Presentation

Aug 25 | Redmond 2050 Monthly Update - Memo;  Briefing, Required Updates to the Parks, Arts, Recreation, Culture and Conservation (PARCC) Element - Memo, Presentation

July 28 | Introduction to Universal / Inclusive Design MemoA-Inclusive / Universal Design Resources, B-NW Universal Design Council BrochureC-UD Principles and Guidelines; Overlake & Urban Centers Policy Update Approach MemoElement Update Process Overview  

July 14 | Themes Memo, A-Themes 2.0, B-Themes flyers- Equity & Inclusion, Sustainability, Resiliency, Presentation; Overlake & Urban Centers Element Required Updates Memo, PSRC Centers Checklist (draft), Presentation

July 7 |  Transportation Study Session Memo, A-Transportation Change Matrix, B-Policy Options & Alternative, Presentation; Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Briefing Memo, A-Growing Transit Communities Summary, B-Overlake Center Boundary Revision & TOD map, Presentation (revised)

June 30 | Monthly Briefing-SEPA Environmental Analysis Memo, Presentation

June 9 | Policy Options & Alternatives for Housing and Economic Vitality  Memo, A-Housing Options and Alternatives, B-Housing Change Matrix, C-Economic Vitality Options and Alternatives, D-Economic Vitality Change Matrix, Presentation (revised)

May 26 | Monthly Briefing | Memo

May 12 | Growth Scenarios Memo, Presentation (revised)

April 21 | Monthly Briefing  Memo, Presentation, A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, B-Business Roundtable Discussion Summary, C-Themes, Comments, D-Visioning Round 3 Summary (Design Elements); Quarterly update on the Transportation Master Plan update  Memo, A-Outreach Summary, B-Policy Considerations

April 14 | Review of Required Updates, Housing and Economic Vitality Elements Memo, Presentation 

March 31 | Overlake updates Memo, Presentation

March 24 | monthly briefing MemoPresentation; Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) and Growth Targets
Memo, A - Staff Presentation, B -King County Presentation, C - Draft CPPs, D - King County Staff Report

Feb 17 | Redmond 2050 themes MemoPresentation ; monthly briefing Memo, A-Stakeholder Interviews Summary, B-SEPA Scoping Summary, C-SEPA Scoping Questionnaire Responses, Presentation

Jan 27 | Monthly briefing memo

Jan 13 | Growth Allocations Update: Memo, Presentation; Existing Conditions Report | Memo, Transportation Draft 1.0, Capital Facilities Draft 1.0, Utilities Draft 1.0, Presentation; Transportation Master Plan Update | Memo, A-Vision, Principles, and Strategies, B-Draft Policy Considerations and CAC Input, C-Public Outreach Summary, Presentation


Dec 9 | Monthly Update Memo, Presentation; Existing Conditions:  Memo, Introduction draft 1.0, Economic Vitality-draft 1.0, Housing Element-draft, Presentation

Nov 4 | Memo, Presentation, Scoping Notice, Scoping Document

Oct 21 | Memo

Sept 23 | Memo, Presentation

Aug 26 | Memo, A - Scope and Timeline, B - Draft Community Involvement Plan, Presentation

Aug 12 | Memo, A-Community Advisory Committee Application, B-Visioning Scope, C-SEPA Scope, D-Timeline

May 27 | Memo, March 10, A-Scope and Timeline, B-Community Benefits, C-Draft Community Engagement Plan, King County Planning Directors CPP Update, Presentation-Regional Planning Framework, Presentation-Scope and Engagement 

Jan 22 | Memo, A-KC Community Service Area, PowerPoint Presentation

City Council


  • May 3 | Council Staff Report  (Quarterly Update)     
  • Feb 15 | Council Study Session (Quarterly Update)     


  • Sept 21 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)
  • June 15 | Council Study Session (Quarterly Update) 
  • Mar 23 | Council Study Session (Quarterly Update, Existing Conditions Report) 
  • Mar 16 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)  
  • Mar 9 | Committee of the Whole
  • Feb 9 | Committee of the Whole
  • Jan 12 | Committee of the Whole  


  • Nov 17 | Council Staff Report (Quarterly Update)
  • Nov 10 | Committee of the Whole 
  • Oct 6 | Council Adoption of Scope, Timeline, Community Involvement Plan
  • Sept 15th | Council Staff Report 
  • Sept 9th | Committee of the Whole
  • Aug 18th Council Business Meeting  (authorization to execute contracts)
  • June 16th | Council Staff Report 
  • May 19th | Council Study Session
  • April 14th | Council Study Session
  • March 24th | Council Staff Report