VALA Eastside Redmond Bicycle Project


"Penny Farthing" by Crystal A Edwards

A Call to Connect through Creation & Exploration 

This is not your typical artist call. The “Redmond Bicycle Project,” is a Derby Days 2020 community project that encourages you to connect through creation and exploration. You are encouraged to create a Penny Farthing—a symbol of Redmond, the “Bicycle Capital of the Northwest”—and display it in an area where it is visible to people outside who are 6 feet or more away. Place it in your window, in a tree in your yard, or inside your vehicle. You are also encouraged to explore your neighborhood to find as many Penny Farthings as possible.  

Whether you’re an explorer, creator, or both, take photos of Penny Farthings and post them online to share with other community members. What you make, or what you find, has a chance to be featured by VALA Eastside during Derby Days 2020! 

The following hashtags are great to use for every Penny Farthing post: #VALAEastside, #DerbyDays2020, #RedmondBicycleProject, and #RandomActsOfArt. If your post is about a Penny Farthing that you made, use: #IMadeThis, and if it’s about one that you found, use: #LookWhatIFound.

For instructions on how to make this Penny Farthing, visit:

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Thank you, Partners!

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