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Complete Communities / Comunidades Autosuficientes

A complete community/neighborhood is a place where you can meet all your basic needs by walking or rolling close to home. Basic needs are shops, services, schools, parks, grocery stores, and places that support everyday life.

Una comunidad autosuficiente es un lugar donde uno tiene acceso a todas las necesidades esenciales por medio de una pequeña caminata o viaje en bicicleta. Las necesidades básicas incluyen comercio y servicios, escuelas, parques, supermercados y lugares que uno utiliza diariamente.

This questionnaire focuses on changes we are considering that would increase opportunities within our neighborhoods. We're focusing on what we can do to create complete neighborhoods - complete neighborhoods are easy to move around without a car.

Share Your Ideas     

Where would you like a food truck, restaurant, coffee shop or other small neighborhood service? Is there a park, parking lot, corner, or other great location? ¿Qué cosas le gustaría ver en su vecindario para que se convirtiera en una comunidad autosuficiente?

Add a pin to the map where you would like more opportunities for services walkable to your home.

Business Ideas Map

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS)

Published Sept 20, 2023


Notice of Availability and Notice of SEPA Infill Exemption 

SDIES Documents

Comments due by 5:00 PM, October 20, 2023.


Once every 10 years cities in Washington State review their vision for their community and how to plan and build for the next few decades. 

Planning for growth helps us build a city that meets the needs of the community and reflects the vision for how the community will look and function.  


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multicultural family with disabled child on urban sidewalk
Equity in the Built Environment – Light Rail Accessibility Project

Community members, caregivers, and service providers familiar with mobility challenges are invited to share your thoughts and experiences with us as we seek to improve the experience of all Redmond residents while traveling to light rail.

Accessibility Questionnaire