Redmond 2050

Redmond is transitioning from a suburb to a City.  

The City is reviewing all the ways Redmond should plan and build for the next few decades. Planning for growth helps us build a city that meets the needs of the community and reflects the vision for how the community will look and function.  

The Redmond 2050 project will:

  1. Refine and Implement the Community Vision, Values, and Objectives.
  2. Extend the community's planning horizon to 2050.
  3. Comply with the State's Growth Management Act (GMA) and regional planning requirements for updates to a comprehensive plan.
  4. Streamline the Redmond Comprehensive Plan and make it more concise and user-friendly.

Proposed Overlake Zoning Code Updates/Concepts:

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Learn how we're incorporating equity & inclusion, sustainability, and resiliency here.

Learn more about code updates anticipated to implement the Redmond 2050 updates.  

Provide Input on Phase 2 Updates

The City recently released the Redmond 2050 Existing Conditions and Policy Consideration reports (which include policy considerations for what needs updating) for the following topics:

Review the reports linked above and take the questionnaire to share your thoughts on what else needs to be a part of Phase 2 updates.

What updates do you think are needed? 

From Suburb to City...

Based on what we heard from the community throughout 2020 and 2021, we developed and studied three alternatives for how we can accommodate the growth anticipated for our community between now and 2050. 

As part of that work we've completed an environmental review of three growth alternatives to help guide community discussion on options and priorities over the summer of 2022.

Learn more by clicking the photo below for an interactive summary. 


  Questions or comments? Contact Beckye Frey at or 425-556-2750.