Advisory Committees

Community Advisory Committee 

The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) meets once every month - occasionally more frequently - and provides input on:

  • Existing conditions
  • Visioning
  • Land Use Alternatives (development, analysis, selection 
  • Implementation options and priorities

View CAC meeting documents.

CAC  Members

Special thanks to our CAC members:

  • Adam Coleman 
  • Apuroopa Kavikondala 
  • Carlos Cruz-Rodriguez 
  • Courtney Benjamin
  • Dennis Armstrong 
  • Devon Kellog
  • Edward Wang 
  • Jenny Pyon
  • Karen Yoneda
  • Kaya Hurmali
  • Mara Krieps
  • Matthew Renzelmann
  • Michael Coleman
  • Mira
  • Nancy Logan
  • Pallavi Kamat
  • Pam Madison
  • Sidharth Ganesh
  • Steve Thompson
  • Tom McGovern
  • Tiffany Stoner 
  • Vibhas Chandorkar 
  • Xinyi Joffre
  • Siri Bliesner

Technical Advisory Committee

A Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) will be made up of industry professionals and technical experts that frequently work in Redmond to provide support for the development of the implementing regulations.  The TAC  will meet bi-weekly or monthly during the development of the draft regulations. 

The TAC will focus on reviewing options and alternatives to implement the identified vision, drafting of design standards, analysis of impacts of the proposed regulations, and reviewing and providing input on draft regulatory language.