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Redmond 2050 Community Involvement Goal 1 - identify stakeholders
Redmond 2050 Community Involvement Goal 2 - inclusive engagement
Redmond 2050 Community Involvement Goal 3 - input on opportunties and alternatives
Redmond 2050 Community Involvement Goal 4 - incorporate comments & build consensus
Redmond 2050 Community Involvement Goal 5 - ongoing community support

Get Involved!


This spring and summer we'll be having workshops and events throughout the community to talk about changes to Redmond's neighborhoods that would allow more community members to access goods and services with a short walk from their home. 


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Community Events, Workshops, and Focus Groups for 2023 



Overlake Code RevisionsContinued discussion on proposed code revisions and review of draft code language. Three workshops scheduled - one each for March, April, and May (see calendar).

Staff contact: Beckye Frey

See project page for more information
Accessibility ProjectWhat barriers are there around the light rail station that impact community members with disabilities ability to comfortable and safely get to/from the stations?

Staff contact: Mary L'Heureux

See project page for more information.
SE Redmond
  • Implementation of SE Redmond Industrial Growth Center
    • Allowed uses / focus of center
    • Boundary confirmation
    • What does being in the center mean for existing businesses and property owners
  • Manufacturing zoning, including the future of the MP Overlay
  • The future of the Redmond Way Corridor (potential land use and transportation changes), and relationship to Marymoor Village 
Staff Contact: Lauren Alpert

Marymoor Village

Inclusive Neighborhood Pilot Project Proposal - what could that include/look like?

As part of the SE Redmond neighborhood Conversations, discussion will include:

  • Zoning changes to accommodate growth
  • Marymoor Village boundary change ideas

Staff contact: Beckye Frey

  • Offices
  • Building height
  • Zoning district consolidation
  • Nightlife
  • Design guidelines

Staff Contact: Lauren Alpert

Community Design
  • Discussion of options and alternatives for community character / design policy updates (impacting updates to policies in multiple chapters, including Land Use and the Community Character and Historic Preservation chapters). 
  • Equity in land use policies and zoning regulations ' including how we make our built environment one that is accessible, safe, and comfortable for all ages and abilities.
  • Design Standards updates and consolidation (with focus no urban centers and transition from suburban to urban standards and options, increasing flexibility and streamlining code).

Staff contact: Beckye Frey

Complete Neighborhoods 
  • What are your lovable spaces and places in your neighborhood
  • What uses can or should we add to our residential neighborhoods to implement the 10 or 15 minutes community concept
  • What can or should we do to make neighborhoods more walkable (get people out of their cars)
Zoning Districts Updates & Consolidations
  • Simplifying our land use and zoning by reducing the number of zoning districts
  • Changes needed to go from suburban to urban standards