Timeline & Phasing

Timeline | Coming Soon

Staff Briefings

The Redmond 2050 project is underway!  Staff have had a number of briefings with the City Council and Planning Commission as we began to understand the scope and goals of this project.  The materials for those meetings are available for review.

Resolution to Adopt Scope and Public Engagement Plan

The Planning Commission will hold a study session on the Scope and Public Engagement Plan on August 26th in preparation for forwarding a recommendation to the Council on a resolution to formally adopt the scope of this review and update.  Public Comment is welcome at that meeting.  

Apply to join the Redmond 2050 Community Advisory Committee!

Applications due August 28, 2020. 


Staff will be working with the consultant teams to schedule the environmental scoping and first phases of community visioning conversations for this Fall.  Sign up to stay informed!


This project will span from 2020 through mid 2024 and will consist of two major phases.

Phase One | Completion goal: by the end of the 4th Quarter of 2022 

Phase One priority updates will include those that are needed to:

  • Advance economic vitality
  • Address housing affordability 
  • Accommodate the growth allocated to Overlake
  • Guide transportation decisions and investments

Phase One will include the City's growth allocations and population projections that will be the foundation of the update, a visioning phase, and the majority of the environmental review and documentation (anticipated as an Environmental Impact Statement and the Overlake Planned Action).  

Phase Two | Completion goal: by the end of the 2nd Quarter of 2024 

Phase 2 priority updates are those needed to: 

  • Implement the state and regional requirements for this periodic update (Growth Management Act and Vision 2050)
  • Accommodate the growth allocated to Redmond outside of Overlake
  • Ensure consistency with Vision 2050 & Countywide Planning Policies
Redmond 2050 Simple Timeline - All phases.  Phase One from 2020-2022 & Phase Two (2022-2024)