Stormwater Infrastructure Replacement Critical Repairs at 150th

Aerial view of project area for stormwater repair at 150th Ave NE

Project Overview

This project replaced a damaged City of Redmond (City) stormwater pipe. The upstream end of the stormwater pipe is located on Nintendo of America private property in a City drainage easement, and the downstream end of the pipe is located on Washington Department of Transportation Right-of-Way.

In November 2018, a sinkhole in the surface of the Nintendo planting area was reported to the City. While investigating the sinkhole, the City discovered several large holes in the existing stormwater pipe. In December 2018, City crews installed a temporary patch over the most upstream hole in the stormwater pipe. The City has been monitoring the sinkhole since winter 2018.

This project removed the repaired pipe and replaced it with a new pipe for a permanent fix.