Evans Creek Relocation

Evans Creek Relocation

Project Overview

Evans Creek is a Class I stream that has been impacted by adjacent industrial development. Narrow vegetated buffers expose the stream channel to sunlight, and untreated runoff may be entering the channel. 

This project is listed in the WRIA 8 Chinook Conservation Plan.The large upstream watershed supports good wild Coho runs, provides important Chinook habitat and contains quality riparian habitat and corridor connectivity for other wildlife. The open space proposed for the new channel also contains the well-used Bear-Evans trail, and the stream project will benefit passive recreation opportunities. 

The proposed stream relocation solution involves the following:

  • Reconstruct the channel to the north and east of industrial properties in open space where adequate buffers can be established.
  • Reconnect the channel with floodplain wetlands and restore riparian buffer function by controlling invasive weeds and planting native riparian vegetation along the new channel.
  • Install in-stream habitat structures, streambed sediment and bioengineering in the new channel to enhance hydraulics and fish habitat.
  • Coordinate as needed with underlying private property owners, adjacent industrial development, and WSDOT. 
  • Retain and improve the Bear Evans Trail, accommodating future expansions of the trail network to the west fostering passive recreation opportunities in the area.