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Moving Forward Together - Reopening provides information and resources to support the Redmond’s reopening process.  Here you can:

  • Find safety tips and resources for businesses
  • Learn about the City’s Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan’s progress
  • Find opportunities to share issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and share your ideas for the City’s successful recovery

Redmond’s Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan (LTRP) in Development

Developing the Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan (LTRP) is a rapidly-moving planning process in order to respond to community needs, issues, and for timely alignment with Governor Inslee’s Safe Start Washington.  

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  1. Existing Conditions
  2. Plan
  3. Communication
    & Involvement
    1. Phase 1: Long-Term Disaster
      Recovery Partners Network
    2. Phase 2: Stakeholders
    3. Phase 3: Community
  4. Plan
  5. Implementation

Redmond's Long-Term Recovery Plan COVID-19

Executive Summary Identifying and Realizing Redmond's Long-Term Recovery Vision

Business Safety Tips and Resources

We are compiling information here that you may find useful as our community starts to reopen businesses and gathering spaces.

Safety Tips:


Redmond’s Long-Term Disaster Recovery from COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 pandemic, the City is developing and implementing a Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan (LTRP). With support and input from the community, leadership and staff from all City departments are supporting the development of this plan under the direction of Mayor Angela Birney, the City’s Incident Command, and the City Council.

The goal of the LTRP which employs Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards, is to re-establish a healthy, functioning community that will sustain itself over time. We look forward to working together to identify and realize Redmond’s long-term recovery vision.

Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan (LTRP) Focus Areas

The LTRP focuses on ten primary areas in alignment with the National Disaster Recovery Framework and specific to Redmond’s community. 

Long-term Disaster
Recovery Plan

Building Services including codes, permitting, and procedures

Customer Services

Communication within City Hall and across the community

Economic Development

Finance and the biennial Budgeting by Priorities

Human Resources for City staff

Human Services in partnership with community agencies and service providers

Parks, Arts, Culture, Food Systems, and Health

Public Safety and Mental Health

Data, Statistics, and Technology

Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan (LTRP) Principles

The following principles for the development of the LTRP have been approved by the City Council.  Principles help staff ensure the purpose, direction, and goals of a long-term plan such as the LTRP.







Future Focused

United and Connected

Engaged Partners