NE 40th Street Shared Use Path

40th Shared Path Vicinity Map

Project Overview

The NE 40th Street Shared Use Path, located on the south side of NE 40th Street from 156th Ave NE to 163rd Ave NE, is one of the highest ranked Transportation Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) and will provide a half-mile comfortable bicycle and pedestrian connection in the Overlake Regional Growth Center that will:

  • Increase bicycle access to the Redmond Technology Station
    • Transportation options will play an important role in light rail ridership because there will be a limited number of park and ride stalls (320) which will require riders to find other modes, such as bicycling, to access the Station
  • Expand the regional bicycle trail system by extending this paved shared use path from the 520 Trail east to 163rd Avenue NE
  • Enable future expansion of bicycle facilities farther east on NE 40th Street to connect the Idylwood Neighborhood into the Overlake Regional Growth Center