Smith Woods Stream/Pond Rehabilitation

Smith Woods project location aerial view

Project Overview

Smith Woods Park (undeveloped) includes a small stream (Monticello Creek headwaters) flowing into a pond which appears to have been installed by the former owner. In 2016 a void, with water flowing subsurface, was discovered in the berm which forms the existing pond. The berm was subsequently notched (under an Emergency Hydraulic Project Approval permit), lowering the water surface approximately two feet to reduce pond volume and protect downstream properties. Stream bed cobble was later placed in the temporary channel. Permit requirements include building a fish-passable channel by 2021, rebuilding the pond, and restoring the stream channel.

Project Scope

This project includes schematic design and cost estimating sufficient to select a preferred alternative, followed by final design permitting and construction. Improvements are assumed to focus on the stream/pond components along with mitigation and restoration elements. Trails across the stream or into the woodlands are not envisioned as part of this project but will be considered as part of a future Park design.

Smith Woods plan view