Fire Alarm Operational Permit

Since 2009, the City of Redmond has offered a form of third-party verification of fire alarm central station service called the fire alarm operational permit (FAOP). This fulfills the requirement in the national fire alarm standard, National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 72, 2016 ed., for documentation demonstrating that a fire alarm system has central station service.

Beginning on January 1, 2021, all fire alarm systems must have a current FAOP.

How does the January 1, 2021 FAOP requirement affect me?

Building Owners/Agents: There should be little change. The requirement for an FAOP affects only the form of documentation that a fire alarm system has central station service; the remaining requirements are not being modified. The application form does include a section for contact information (page 1) and a signature verifying the accuracy of the provided information (page 2). Please make sure to provide 24-hour contact information in case Redmond Fire needs to reach the building owner/agent during an emergency.

Fire Alarm Prime Contractors: Prior to the submission of the record of completion documentation for a new fire alarm system or the submission of an annual confidence test report, please work with your customer to complete an application form (available at the bottom of this page). The FAOP will be required for approval of your fire alarm permit. Please allow 2 days for generation of the FAOP.


To apply for a fire alarm operational permit, please complete an application form (available at the bottom of this page) with the help of your prime contractor.

The prime contractor should attach the application form to the annual fire alarm confidence test report when submitting the report to Redmond Fire via The Compliance Engine (TCE). Page 2 of the form has a spot to attach the listing certificate. As the FAOP has not been issued yet, the application form should be attached here.

Listing Cert Attachment


Each one-year FAOP costs $100. This will be assessed as an additional fee during the submission of an annual confidence test report ($10) for a total of $110.

When do I get my FAOP?

The permit is generated by The Compliance Engine the night after a fire code official reviews and accepts a report, regardless of whether the status of the system was compliant or deficient. The permit will be emailed to the default contact in The Compliance Engine. Contractors and TCE premise users may access a generated FAOP by logging into The Compliance Engine and scrolling to the notifications.

What if I change prime contractors?

The FAOP is non-transferrable, meaning that a change of the prime contractor or building ownership/agent will necessitate a new FAOP. The new prime contractor should submit a confidence test but has the option of submitting the previous confidence test report (thereby accepting the results) or submitting a new confidence test report.

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Fire Alarm Operational Permit Documents