How You Can Help

Save the Pipes, Don’t Flush Wipes

While we are all busy disinfecting, communities around the globe have seen a drastic increase in backed-up sewer lines and overflowing toilets. Please DO NOT toss anything but toilet paper into toilets. This includes all wipes (disinfectant, baby, and even those labeled ’flushable’), paper towels, and other paper products.
View Save the Pipes, Don’t Flush Wipes flyer



Licensed Child Care Providers

King County’s emergency child care plan will partner with licensed child care providers who have a Level 3 Early Achievers rating or higher and no licensing infractions. If you meet these eligibility requirements and are interested in participating, please contact Corey Snelson for more information.

Buy Local

Support Redmond businesses who are offering smart and sanitary solutions. Find a business listing at Look for ‘5-minute parking for food/beverage pick-up’ signs in Downtown to make it easy to support Redmond businesses.

Participate in SCAN

Both healthy and sick people can help Public Health track the spread of COVID-19 by participating in the Greater Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) project.

Donate Masks and Other Personal Protective Equipment

Learn more about how you can help fill shortages of specific personal protective equipment (PPE) on the Washington State COVID-19 response website.