Redmond Watersheds


A watershed is an area that drains rainfall and snowmelt to a specific creek, stream, river, or lake. Understanding conditions in a watershed is an extremely useful way of identifying actions that help restore streams.

Redmond Watersheds

The City of Redmond is divided into 20 watersheds. Our Watersheds Map (PDF) shows all 20 watersheds located in Redmond.

How the City manages watersheds

The City of Redmond Watershed Management Plan outlines the goals and steps the City is taking to protect and restore streams. The Watershed Management Plan aims to rehabilitate all of Redmond’s streams within 100 years.

Following the Watershed Management Plan, the City:

  • Cleans, maintains, and upgrades our stormwater facilities.
  • Sponsors environmental education programs.
  • Restores streams and streamside habitats.
  • Monitors stream habitat and water quality.

The Community Strategic Plan which provides the work plan for the City, calls on the City to take steps to improve the health of four streams by 2025. The City determines what it takes to improve stream health by monitoring environmental conditions in these watersheds and then take action and monitor our effectiveness. The City’s goal is to make streams healthier for people, fish, and wildlife.

What is stream health? 

Biologists develop a score that tells us the overall condition of the stream by analyzing the number and types of insects in a stream. This monitoring method is called a Benthic Index of Biological Integrity (BIBI). The City uses this rating system to determine if our stream rehabilitation activities are making a positive impact.

Help protect our streams

Protecting our streams is a shared responsibility, and there are ways YOU can help!

Visit our "Keep Redmond Clean & Green" page for things you can do such as practice natural yard care, wash your car at a car wash, pick up after your pet, bag it up and toss it in the garbage, and more! 

You can also visit the Green Redmond Partnership page for other ways you can help!