The City of Redmond provides the community with reliable and safe drinking water, as well as wastewater and stormwater services that help sustain peoples quality of life and protect and enhance Redmond’s natural environment.

Drinking Water

Providing clean, safe and reliable drinking water is a top City priority. About 40% of Redmond’s drinking water is supplied by our own local groundwater system with the remaining water resource coming from the Tolt Watershed located just 15 miles east in the Cascade Mountains.


Redmond is responsible for ensuring proper maintenance and operation of all public and private stormwater systems within the City, including 363 miles of pipes, 23,500 catch basins and manholes, 940 vaults, 304 bioswales, 68 miles of streams, and 328 ponds.


Redmond maintains the wastewater system to protect the public investment, protect the environment and human health, ensure compliance with state and federal mandates, and ensure that reliable service is available to all customers of the City utility system.

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