Fire Life Safety (FLS) Inspection Program

Some businesses, per the Redmond Fire Code, will require annual inspections for certain higher risk activities. For these inspections, the inspectors focus mostly on the specific activity being permitted, though general safety concerns will still be evaluated.

  1. Scheduling
  2. Common Inspection Items
  3. Fees

Period of Validity

Operational permits are issued for a year starting from the first day of your building's designated inspection month to the first day of the next year's inspection month.


Our inspectors will default to drop-in inspections. You may ask the inspector to return at a later date or schedule a date/time. Alternatively, you may email to schedule an appointment.


The Redmond Fire Department will initiate renewals by conducting an inspection. You may schedule an appointment for the renewal, but it is also acceptable to wait for Redmond Fire to contact you for the inspection. Because inspections are assigned to months rather than specific dates, you may be contacted at any time during the month that your permit expires. In most circumstances, your permit will "expire" prior to the inspection; this is typical and is not a concern from Redmond Fire's standpoint.

If you have not been contacted by the end of the month, please contact

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