Envision the Future of the Redmond Senior Center Building

Redmond’s Community Centers 

An investigation in September 2019 found that the Redmond Senior Center needed a significant renovation or to be rebuilt. The City launched a public outreach process to involve the community in sharing their vision for the future of Senior Center building, and Redmond’s community centers. During the outreach process, we will revisit the outcomes of the 2017 Community Priorities for the Future of Redmond’s Community Centers Report, where the community acknowledged the need for more community centers, fitness, and community event spaces. During the community engagement process in January, the community was asked to evaluate options from renovating the Senior Center, to expanding it and including some new amenities. All community members are welcome to participate and provide their ideas.

After the meeting first meeting, the project team compiled comments and data from the public meeting, stakeholder meetings, and the online questionnaire to develop concepts to share with the community at another meeting. The second meeting took place on February 10, at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers. 

City staff will use the community’s recommendations to develop a proposal to share with City Council in March 2020. 

For more information about this process, please email Carrie Hite, Parks and Recreation Director, or read this Fact Sheet. The Final Building Investigation Report is also available.  

Senior Center Programs

For more information regarding Senior Center programming, go to redmond.gov/RSC.

Stakeholder Group Summary Report

To view the final report from the Stakeholder Group that will be presented to City Council, please click here.