Temporary Construction Dewatering

Temporary Construction Dewatering Photo (JPG)

Temporary Construction Dewatering is a construction method that temporarily removes groundwater or surface water from an excavated site to build sub-surface structures, footings, or utilities. The City of Redmond has adopted policies and code updates to balance construction activities with the need to protect the City’s aquifer that provides high-quality drinking water to its community, maintain wetland and stream habitats and protect stormwater runoff systems to prevent flooding.

Temporary construction dewatering cost recovery charges may be imposed as described in RMC 13.25.100, respectively. Cost recovery charges are based on the City’s costs of purchasing replacement drinking water from the Cascade Water Alliance. Cascade Water Alliance demand share charges per one million gallons per day during peak summer months are $1,015,700 for 2021 and $1,054,697 for 2022. Refer to the Temporary Construction Dewatering Operating Policy for details on how to estimate cost recovery charges for a specific project. 

Administrative fees may also be imposed as described in and RMC 13.25.110. Permit fees for temporary construction dewatering review are updated annually as detailed in the Development Engineering Division Fee Schedule.