Redmond Lights Artists


Untitled (Heron) by William Schlough

Created specifically for Redmond Lights in 2018, this oversized blue heron is taking off, inviting viewers to reconnect with the abundant natural wonders of the Sammamish River. Shaped from steel and wrapped with 1,000 LED lights, the piece celebrates the majestic form of this iconic local inhabitant.

Mexican Lanterns by Hinojos & Jimenez Art

Hinojos & Jimenez Art presents, "Mexican Lanterns", inspired by papel picado or "pecked paper," a popular design form in Mexico used in banners and festivals. The lanterns contain luminous and colorful patterns of angels, the three wise men's crowns, doves, and other rich cultural images for this holiday season.

Virtual Shelter by Seattle Design Nerds

2020 has been a paradigm shift in the way we work, interact, network, and relax, causing us all to navigate new compartments and barriers. Virtual Shelter is a symbol and landmark to reflect how both the virtual and the natural spaces are the therapeutic elements we turn to in times of stress and uncertainty. By day, the bold lines and ethereal quality suggest the temporary nature of this current societal construct, while at night, the illumination alludes to the transition from the hard physical constraints of our structured lives into the cyberspaces we’ve created to maintain community. The two halves form co-dependent dualities, like night and day,  the enveloping whole encourages viewers to return and experience different interpretations. The shared spaces and phases that are defined by these dual-natured lines encourage the viewers to reflect on what ‘virtual shelter’ means to them and the shared spaces they are engaging in this new world, as we approach the new year.

Penumbra by Daniel Kytonen

Penumbra is the word for the transition space between shadow and light. As light pushes against the central form, it transforms this object of reflection, creating a conversation between the light and darkness. This work is a reflection of one's inner voice and how that relates to the voices of others.

Bergy Bits by Chris Chernow

Bergy Bits are chunks of ice that break off of icebergs and float in the ocean.  Bergy Bits are emblematic of the dramatic ice loss occurring around the world, including on our doorstep.  The Northern Cascade Glacier Climate Project estimates that in the last 35 years, 30 percent of the glacial mass has disappeared.  My work is comprised of a sculpture lit from within and a drawing of our local mountains, all encased in over 2,500 pounds of ice.  As the ice melts, the underlying artwork remains as a symbol of our delicate environment.  This piece is a reminder that climate change is the issue of our lifetime.

I Don't See Color by Hasaan Kirkland

I don't see color, is a 5' x 9' conceptual abstract assemblage of wood, solar LED and powered lights, chicken wire, and light reflective CD's.  This 3-dimensional, temporary public work of art is made to symbolize the American Flag. The function and metaphoric context of this work operates both as a prism capturing natural light returning to the viewer the natural colors as well as a prism of identity, equity, and equality, returning to the viewer the colors of diverse cultures.  No longer a barrier to see color through racial ideologies of individuals, I don't see color, forces its viewers to see the American Flag shifted from "stars and bars" in red, white, and blue, into circular shapes, linear patterns, and lights, displaying the colorless light of humanity allowing us to see each other beyond the colors of our diversity.

 Sul.tˤa (سلطة) by Koloud Tarapolsi

This sul.tˤa / سلطة , an Arabic word that means position of power, and evolved into “sultan”, was designed by Libyan artist Koloud  Tarapolsi. It is loosely inspired by a minbar/منبر , a pedestal found to the right of the mihrab /محراب, in mosques. The منبر is used by the Imam to address the congregation, after prayers. Some mosques build a minbar, while others, such as our local mosque, has a temporary one, as the prayer space also serves as a basketball court. This minbar inspired artwork, sul.tˤa, includes the Arabic names of local children, Redmond’s future leaders.

Winter's Delight by Nikole & Joy Dixon

Winter's Delight will showcase crocheted unique snowflakes. This artwork stands 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and is illuminated with black lights. Using various crochet techniques these snowflakes will be different sizes. Small snowflakes will be 2-10 inches in diameter. Large ringed snowflakes ranging in size 12-20 inches. The snowflakes will look different during the day and night. During the day, some will be white, and others painted various colors. At night, black lights, glow in the dark paint and thread will provide illumination to the snowflakes. The snowflakes will hang in a 3-dimentinal wood and Plexiglass weather protected structure. Each side of the structure will mimic windows, as the viewer looks through them at the snowflakes. 

Your History Museum by Nina Vichayapai

Collection of clay and resin objects and portraits representative of the diverse communities in Redmond from past to present. The items are shown in a display case built from an altered outdoor bench. Portraits of people and places around Redmond decorate the exterior of the bench. Artwork and portraits are made with input from the local community.

Rain Village by Soo Hong

As a recent immigrant, I am realizing the importance of inclusion and connection inside the community. Since moving to the U.S., I started painting “Raindrops” so that I could feel like I belonged in my new community. “Rain” is a metaphor symbolizing the Pacific Northwest, and each droplet represents the individual in the community. Each of us is different as if each raindrop is different to one another. “Rain Village” concept explores harmonious relationships among diverse people, cultures, and communities. 

The Cat-Friend Cloud by Wolfberry Studio

An animated short celebrating Redmond's linguistic diversity. Friendly felines fall from a cloud, along with the words for "friend" in multiple languages.

Lighting Up the World, Bringing Cultures Together by Akhilesh Vadari

"Light" has special significance to people all over the world. It is the spiritual and the divine, it is illumination and intelligence, it is good over bad.

Convergence by Raúl Sánchez, City of Redmond Poet Laureate, in collaboration with Jack Straw Cultural Center

Light is also a spiritual symbol of hope. As the days grow shorter during Fall and winter, these symbols of light—fire from the Diwali lantern, candles on the menorah, lights that adorn homes during Christmas, and also as a revelation that enlightens believers of Islam all offering us comfort and strength. They are a reminder of the heart’s capacity to overcome darkness and an assurance of brighter days to come.

For Redmond, With Love and Light by Xaviera Vandermay, City of Redmond Artist In Residence

For Redmond, With Love and Light is a collection of video and still images curated for Redmond Lights 2020 by Artist-in-Residence Xaviera Vandermay. 

1) 0:00-2:10  "Love and Light" takes us into an open rehearsal at YAW Theater with 3rd Shift Dance as we prepared for our full-length performance originally slated for May 2020 at Redmond Downtown Park. Choreography by Xaviera Vandermay, dancing by Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Alli Montecillo, Brittany Smith, Elise Walker, Gillian Monty, Ian Howe, Kirstyn Pagano-Jackson, Megan Hauk, Morgan Moeller, Risa Nagel, Sharonda Young, Susie Ahn. Filmed by Lars Myren of HMMM Productions January 2020.  

2) 2:11-2:27 Redmond Lights promotional shoot with photographer Megan Hauk of HMMM Productions/Megan Hauk Photography featuring dancers from 3rd Shift Dance (Gillian Monty, Ian Howe, Risa Nagel, Morgan Moeller, Alli Monticello)  

3) 2:29-9:19 "Ephemem" by Chrysalis Circus 

In the midst of the global pandemic, an artist reflects on a past moment when she performed on stage. It was carefree, joyful, and in the physical company of friendship. The moment is brief, but the effect is everlasting, as life continues to exist and persevere with vivacity. We continue to move in spirited ways and are as animated as the many lights of the urban city. 

Chrysalis Circus is a Redmond-based circus production company. Owner and artistic director, Vivian Tam, is a professional circus artist and has also been a long-time aerial instructor, helping create a fun local community of aerialists. Chrysalis Circus may be tiny, but it is so full of love. They have performed for Redmond’s So Bazaar for the past 3 years. It is a privilege to be able to reach out to the community and collaborate with artists of all media through circus arts. 

4) 9:20-9:49 3rd Shift Dance performing at Redmond's So Bizarre as photographed by Arturo Ortiz.  Dancers featured: Gillian Monty, Sarah Joy, Colleen Kearnes, Morgan Moeller, Sharonda Young  

5) 9:50-10:05 A Tea Light Ballet, Part 1: Stop Motion Creation by Xaviera Vandermay in celebration of Redmond Lights 2020  

6) 10:06-11:00 Excerpt from film Love, Pain, Sevdah featuring 3rd Shift Dance company members Alli Montecillo, Elise Walker, Ian Howe, Megan Hauk, and Sharonda Young dancing choreography by Xaviera Vandermay with additional dancing by Jackie Muratti - the Director and Writer of Love Pain Sevdah. Scenes from this film were first shared with Redmonders at Virtual So Bazarre 2020.   

7) 11:01-11:20 Dancers caught in motion by photographer Megan Hauk at Redmond Downtown Park.  Featuring Alli Montecillo, Xaviera Vandermay, Ian Howe, Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Susie Ahn   

8) 11:21-14:42 A Fulgam Film presents Watch Your Step... 

Brought to you by Redmonder Sarah Fulgam. From the director: If your phone is distracting you, you might just miss the beautiful sights and memories around you. Enjoy the trip.  

9) 14:52-15:07 Joyful play at Redmond Downtown Park as captured by photographer Megan Hauk. Featuring Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Alli Montecillo, Brittany Smith, Ian Howe, Susie Ahn, Xaviera Vandermay, and the much beloved kiddos of the Shift.  

10) 15:08-15:32 Redmond's Gotta Dance Performing Arts Ensemble onstage. These talented youth were photographed by Christopher Nelson.  Images 1+2 are from "Whatever Lola Wants" choreographed by Eddie Strachan, images 3-5 are from Kirsten Barron Kinney's "Submission".  Audiences of Redmond Lights 2019 were treated to a collaboration between the Gotta Dance Ensemble with Raul Sanchez which brought the power of poetry and dance together.  

Gotta Dance is located off of Eastlake Sammamish Parkway near the back entrance of Marymoor Park. We occupy a 12,000 square-foot facility featuring five studios, a homework room and parent lobby.  

11) 15:32-16:50 Pandemic Ballet excerpt featuring camera work and editing by Justen Weber, dancing by Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, and choreography by Xaviera Vandermay.  This project is in collaboration with musician Nick Nihil as we work to build a dance film from scratch over Zoom.   

12) 16:51-17:02 Dancers Brittany Smith and Susie Ahn as photographed by Megan Hauk on Buoyant Stage at Redmond Downtown Park  

13) 17:03-17:28 Redmonder Exclusive Sneak Peek of a new project in works by the creative teams at VNDRmade and Artviz! Dancing by Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, choreography by Xaviera Vandermay, filmed and edited by Justen Weber.  

14) 17:30-17:58 Redmond Lights Promotional Still by Megan Hauk of 3rd Shift Dance company members Alli Montecillo, Susie Ahn, Morgan Moeller, Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Ian Howe, Sharonda Young, Kirstyn Pagano-Jackson, Gillian Monty  

15) 17:58-18:14 A Tea Light Ballet, Part 2: Stop Motion Creation by Xaviera Vandermay in celebration of Redmond Lights 2020 

16) 18:15-18:29 Dancers at play at Redmond Downtown Park as photographed by Megan Hauk, featuring Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Alli Montecillo, Brittany Smith, Ian Howe, and the kiddos of the Shift.  

17) 18:29-20:16 Redmonders Exclusive Premiere: Dance scenes from upcoming Dance Film/Music Video directed and choreographed by Xaviera Vandermay, filmed by HMMM Productions, featuring performances by Whitney Monge, Alli Montecillo, Colleen Kearnes, Ian Howe, and Sharonda Young.  Filmed at A Contemporary Theater.  

18) 20:17-20:35 Redmond Lights Promotional Stills as photographed by Megan Hauk, featuring Risa Nagel, Ian Howe, Alli Montecillo, Brittany Smith, Kirstyn Pagano-Jackson, Morgan Moeller, Megan Hauk  

19) 20:36-34:49 "For Redmond, With Love and Light" presented by Xaviera Vandermay and featuring dancing by 3rd Shift Dance.  Filmed on-site at Redmond Downtown Park and YAW Theater by Justen Weber of ARTVISIONAIR.  Dancing by Ahnaleza Vandermay Weber, Alli Montecillo, Brittany Smith, Elise Walker, Gillian Monty, Ian Howe, Kirstyn Pagano-Jackson, Megan Hauk, Morgan Moeller, Risa Nagel, Sharonda Young, and Susie Ahn.  Inspired by the music of Naomi Wachira.