Redmond Lights Artists


Aura Aurora by Seattle Design Nerds

Seattle Design Nerds presents "Aura Aurora" inspired from the awe-inspiring light phenomenon of an aurora. This semi-enclosed space allows viewers to stand together and share a moment of connection as they view LED light panels exude particles of light resembling a borealis from above.

Recollect by Cat Chiu Phillips

Cat Chiu Phillips presents "Recollect", inspired by the traditional Philippine lantern Parol made out of bamboo and paper. Recollect creates a unique experience combining post-consumer products using 35 mm film slides and LED strip lights to create wonderment using captured memories told through light and color.

Frolicking Snowflakes by Marcel Marias

Marcel Marias presents "Frolicking Snowflakes", a live audiovisual performance involving original music, video and sculpture. Click here to see a video from Marcel Marias.

Kukulcan by Hinojos & Jimenez Art

Hinojos &  Jimenez Art presents, "Kukulcan", inspired by a deity from Mayan mythology. Kukulcan, a feathered serpent painted in vibrant colors will rise through the darkness and fog of the Redmond Central Connector trail to delight and surprise our festival-goers.

Mexican Lanterns by Hinojos & Jimenez Art

Hinojos & Jimenez Art presents, "Mexican Lanterns", inspired by papel picado or "pecked paper," a popular design form in Mexico used in banners and festivals. The lanterns contain luminous and colorful patterns of angels, the three wise men's crowns, doves, and other rich cultural images for this holiday season.

Season Eve Opener by Sparklab Lighting Design

Sparklab Lighting Design presents, "Season Eye Opener", festival-goers will be delighted to see the trees come to life offering splendor all around.

Origin Story by Jennifer Szabo

Jennifer Szabo presents, "Origin Story", a reflection on our origins as individuals and community offering perspectives on spirituality and cosmology. 

Mirror in the Sky by Maja Petric

Maja Petric presents "Mirror in the Sky", an interactive light art installation made for Redmond Downtown Park Pavilion. The piece utilizes custom interactivity, light, video, sound, and atmospherics to depict a floating sky and engage visitors’ connection with nature and each other. As visitors move through the pavilion, the trail of their presence becomes part of the depicted skyscape that is projected on the walls of the pavilion. The visitor’s participation is an integral part of the artwork and it can cause the piece itself to change. About the Artist: Maja Petric is an artist creating interactive light installations and sculptures that evoke the sublimity of nature. She specializes using cutting-edge technologies to expand the multisensory apparatus through which art can be experienced. 

Maja is currently artist in resident of Redmond. She has exhibited internationally, from New York to Hong Kong, London to Seattle, Madrid to Sao Paulo, and her artwork has been included in exhibitions at Mass Moca, Google Permanent Art Collection, Amazon Gallery, Winston Wächter Gallery, MadArt Studio, Wonderspaces, etc. 

Live Performances

Northwest Folklife

City of Redmond is proud to partner with Northwest Folklife in bringing unique and culturally diverse performances for this year's Redmond Lights.

Seattle Kokon Taiko

Seattle Kokon Taiko is a performing group based in the local Japanese American community. Taiko is a dynamic synthesis of rhythm, movement and spirit originating in Japan and evolving as a folk art over the last several hundred years. In Seattle Kokon Taiko, we try to combine the ancient with the modern; our repertoire is a mix of traditional pieces and contemporary compositions.Through taiko, we hope to contribute to the development of a uniquely Japanese American art form –Japanese in origin, American in expression– that weaves threads of continuity between generations and builds bridges of understanding among people of all nationalities and walks of life. We are currently based out of the International District of Seattle.

The Filthy FemCorps

The Filthy FemCorps was started in January 2016. We are a hot bag full of fierce women who aren’t afraid to be weird genuine raw sweaty confident honest loving and real. We are a feminist organization in that we are an organized activity in support of women’s interests. We are accepting of all women and non-binary and invite them to participate in the joy and excitement we create through our performance. Through our own challenges obstacles and need to express ourselves safely without judgment we inspire each other to be artistically fearless, even when we doubt ourselves.


Oolleemm is a volunteer Korean Traditional Culture Performance organization, based in Washington and led by director, SooA Kim. Oolleemm’s mission is to develop a succession of Korean traditional sounds and dances to share Korean culture with local communities and other nations. Korean rhythms and melodies are built upon the rhythmic pattern of breathing, the dynamics of strong and weak, and the buildup of tension followed by release. They have over 5000 years history of having been handed down from generation to generation orally. Since 2012, Oolleemm has performed numerous times for art fairs, festivals, fund raising events, and multicultural gatherings. 

Banda La Mejor

Banda La Mejor came together with musicians who trained in Mexico but now live in the Northwest and have the same love of Norteno style music called Banda. Come with your dancing shoes on, because we're going to get your body up and moving to the high energy music!

Raul Sanchez and Friends

Featuring Redmond's Gatta Dance Ensemble directed by Kirsten Barron with support from Xaviera Vandermay. Presented by City of Redmond’s Poet Laureate and Artist in Residence.


Anzanga is celebrating 33 years of performance history including an inaugural performance on the Mural Stage at Folklife. The group under the direction of Sheree Seretse, has toured extensively throughout the country and has performed abroad in China and South Africa. Anzanga, all-time favorite place to perform is Folklife. The group has produced 5 recordings to which the last two are available today.

Thione Diop

Thione Diop, percussionist from Senegal, West Africa, is widely recognized for his powerfully expressive Djembe performances. Thione loves to share his passion for music and percussion in collaborations of diverse genres such as traditional and contemporary African, blues, jazz, Latin and world music at cultural events, clubs, private parties and classes.

Orkestyr Farfeleh

A radiologist, a music theorist, and a spiritual philosopher walk into a bar... and play klezmer. Orkestyr Farfeleh, the winsome concoction of Harvey Niebulski, Marianne Tatom, and Thaddeus Spae, is a portable feast for lovers of Jewish music, replete with frelachs, Eastern European folk tunes, Yiddishkayt and hats of overwhelming personality. Performing on accordion, clarinet, trombone, guitarron, and vocals, they present their diverse material with sharp ears, quick fingers, and irrepressible humor, in a program sure to delight young and old alike.

Washington Diamonds

Washington Diamonds Award-Winning Drill Team formed in 2010. Their mission is to provide a safe, stable, and healthy environment that promotes a positive, team-building atmosphere, thereby, teaching our youth respect for themselves and others, fostering professionalism, giving back to the community and celebrating our achievements.  Washington Diamonds Drill Team won Alaska Airline’s Seafair Torchlight Parade Best Drill Team Award 2017 and 2018. Founder and Director Fawn Sterling. Lead by Captain Ahjeawnna Sterling.

The Keith Highlanders Pipe Band

The Keith Highlanders Pipe Band is a non-profit cultural and educational organization dedicated to broadening the public’s interest in and appreciation for traditional Scottish piping, drumming, and dancing in the Pacific Northwest. The Keith Highlanders Pipe Band was formed in 1952 and has a long history serving the Seattle community.


20/20 is an award winning, five person a cappella group based out of Seattle that offers a refined and powerful sound that transforms current and past pop music into genuine and heartfelt stories that connect with all audiences. Every performance offers a chance to connect with the music, be dazzled by tight harmonies, and impressive vocal percussion.