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Feb 22, 2022 

Cold Overnight Temperatures Expected this Week

Extreme cold temperatures are expected overnight this week. Unhoused community members can find cold-weather shelters on the King County Regional Homelessness Authority website

Sandbags Available for King County Residents

With heavy rains that may lead to localized flooding, King County provides sandbag materials to the public free of charge from 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. every Monday – Friday at Marymoor Park. The program is held in parking lot G and is self-service. Empty sandbags and sand are provided and are limited to 25 sandbags per vehicle. Learn more on King County's website.

  1. Snow, Ice & Cold Temps
  2. Road Closures (Emergency)
  3. Be Ready
  4. Air Quality
  5. Earthquakes
  6. Extreme Heat
  7. Flooding
  8. Wildfires
  9. Windstorms

Winter Weather

Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can easily disrupt our daily lives and make it difficult to get out to get those things we need the most like food and medications. With a some preplanning, we can lessen the impact of severe winter weather if we take a few steps ahead of the snow and ice to get ready! Check out the Take Winter by Storm website for great tips for dealing with winter weather including comprehensive checklists to help you prepare. 

Snow and Ice Response: Learn more about Redmond's winter storm response including to view the snow and ice response map at

Drive carefully, drive slowly! If road conditions are too treacherous, it's best to stay home. If you must be on the roads, you can check for travel and weather advisories and discover resources and tips for winter driving at Washington State Department of Transportation.

Report a power outage: To report a power outage or view the power outage map, download the PSE app or visit the PSE website, or call Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-225-5773.

Clear sidewalks: Please help make walking in your neighborhood safe during winter weather - help clear the sidewalks!

Clear storm drains: Heavy snow can block storm drains and cover up other blocking debris. Please help keep storm drains flowing freely to reduce the risk of local flooding.

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning: Please remember! You cannot use generators or gas or charcoal grills inside the house. Carbon monoxide levels build quickly and are a silent killer.

If temperatures fall below freezing protect your pipes from freezing by wrapping outdoor and indoor pipes with cloth, bags, or other insulating materials. 

Be Prepared for Winter Weather

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