Weather Alert Updates

Last Updated

Oct. 4, 2022 

  1. Wildfires
  2. Air Quality
  3. Extreme Heat
  4. Snow, Ice & Cold Temps
  5. Road Closures (Emergency)
  6. Be Ready
  7. Earthquakes
  8. Flooding
  9. Windstorms

Wildfires: High Risk Fire Conditions

Hot, dry weather conditions increase the risk of wildfires. You can take steps to stay safe and protect life and property from outdoor fires: 

Pay attention to burn ban restrictions and fire conditions.  

  1. Sign up for the free Alert King County system to stay informed of potentially hazardous conditions in your specific area. 
  2. Be extra cautious when using charcoal grills, patio torches, firepits, and campfires.  
  3. All outdoor flames should be attended to by someone who is ready and equipped to put out fires quickly have water accessible at all time.
  4. If you’re in an area where campfires are permitted, make sure you’ve doused, stirred, and doused your fire again before heading home.
  5.  Reduce dry fuels around your home by clearing dead vegetation, grasses, fallen leaves.
  6.  Clean roof tops and gutters.
  7. Limb up your trees and remove dead branches.
  8. Make sure your dirt bikes or ATV’s have operating spark arrestors
  9. Fireworks pose a significant fire risk in dry conditions any small spark can ignite dry grasses and brush.  

Red Flag Warning:

A Red Flag Warning is issued by the National Weather Service when critical fire weather conditions are present. Local fire jurisdictions will display a red flag to communicate to the community that extreme caution is necessary to protect against the spread of wildfires. Check local burn risk conditions and current warnings.