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November 9, 2021

Be Prepared for Winter Weather

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  1. Be Ready
  2. Air Quality
  3. Earthquakes
  4. Extreme Heat
  5. Flooding
  6. Road Closures (Emergency)
  7. Snow, Ice & Cold Temps
  8. Wildfires
  9. Windstorms

Be Ready

In severe weather or a disaster, your family, neighbors, and friends may be your primary source of support and assistance. Get to know the people in your neighborhood as there may be a need  to help others recover from disasters by sharing resources like food, tools, or medical supplies. Be ready.

Try Map Your Neighborhood, a state-sponsored program that provides guides and materials for neighborhood blocks to plan for emergencies together. When neighborhoods are prepared together the chance for property damage is reduced, trauma and serious injuries go down, and most of all, lives can be saved. 

Preparing a kit with disaster supplies could make all the difference in surviving unexpected situations. The Prepare in a Year guide can help, as can the Washington Emergency Management Division's 2 Weeks Ready fact sheet, which considers the needs of everyone in the household including seniors, children and pets. 

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