Cascadia Montessori Expansion

Project Overview

Proposal to add 55 additional students to the current 75 students allowed.  Total proposed students: 130 students.

  • Three existing buildings on-site:
    • Building “A”:  No proposed changes to existing 3,300 sf building
    • Building “B”:  No proposed changes to existing 360 sf building
    • Building “C”:  610 sf increase to existing 3,000 sf building, which is currently residential occupancy, but changing to educational occupancy
    • Total proposed building sf on-site:  7,270 sf
  • Addition of 8 parking spots to the existing 10 spaces
    • 18 total spaces (8 new and 10 existing).
  • There are critical areas on-site:
    • Wetland “A” – Category II with a 150-foot buffer
    • Stream “A” (Tosh Creek) – Class III with a 100-foot buffer 
    • Steam “B” – Class III with a 100-foot buffer
    • No work is proposed within streams, wetland or their buffers

Project Numbers:  LAND-2019-00999 and LAND-2019-01000 and SEPA-2019-01173

Project Types:  Type III - Consolidated Review:  Conditional Use Permit & Site Plan Entitlement

Public Notices
Notice of Application Project Details (PDF) and SEPA-2019-01173

Arborist Report (PDF)
Critical Areas Report (PDF)
Plan Set (PDF) - dated 10-19-20
Stormwater Report (PDF)
Traffic Study Phase I (PDF)
Transportation Management Program (PDF)