Grassview Short Plat

Project Overview

Demolish existing single family home, subdivision of single parcel to three lots.  Construction of three new homes.  Formerly, a five lot, three home construction.

Project Numbers: LAND-2019-00503 & LAND-2019-00595 & SEPA-2019-01150

Project Types: Type II - Short Plat & Shoreline Substantial Development

Public Notices
Notice of Application Project Details (PDF)
Neighborhood Meeting Presentation - January 14, 2020
State Environmental Policy Act SEPA-2019-00595 (PDF)

Notice of Decision Letter and Attachments
Notice of Decision Letter
Attachment 1 - Shoreline Management Report
Attachment 2 - Notice of Application and Certificate of Public Notice
Attachment 3 - Neighborhood Meeting Proof of Mailing Date
Attachment 4 - SEPA Determination of Non-Significance
Attachment 5 - SEPA DNS Notification and Public Comment
Attachment 6 - Civil Plan Set
Attachment 7 - Restoration in Critical Area Shoreline Exemption Approval Letter
Attachment 8 - Safe Walk Report
Attachment 9 - Geotechnical Report
Attachment 10 - Letter of Concurrence from DAHP
Attachment 11 - Irrigation Plan
Attachment 12 - Public Comments from NOA

Shoreline Management Report and Exhibits
Shoreline Management Report
Exhibit A - Site Plan
Exhibit B - Vicinity Map
Exhibit C - SEPA Documentation
Exhibit D - Critical Areas Report and Mitigation Plan
Exhibit F - Notice of Application
Exhibit G - JARPA
Exhibit H - General Application Form
Exhibit I - SSDP Permit Checklist
Exhibit J - Notice of Decision Letter
Exhibit K - Restoration Critical Area Shoreline Exemption
Exhibit L - Public Comments from NOA