What Are Council's Priorities

Vision, Mission, and Values

City's Vision

To create a city with two vibrant urban centers in Downtown and Overlake, to enhance the livability and connections between our neighborhoods, and to deliver high-quality services in partnership with our community.


To collectively deliver our community's priorities in support of a dynamic community where we can all live, work, play, and invest.


  • Commitment to Service - We are dedicated to seeking solutions for our community.
  • Integrity - We demonstrate sound, honest, truthful, and consistent actions.
  • Accountability - We take ownership of our actions and responsibilities.
  • Welcoming - All residents are able to fully and effectively access City services, influence City policy and direction, and feel a sense of belonging in Redmond.

Community Strategic Plan

A community strategic plan (CSP) provides the work plan for the City and provides guidance for the City’s work. It includes strategic initiatives with associated objectives, strategies, measures, and actions that will be implemented within the community over a specific period of time. The strategic elements were derived from the Budgeting by Priorities process and reflect the community’s involvement and feedback throughout the process.

Redmond’s decision-making is informed by robust community involvement that meaningfully and effectively engages the community early and often, focusing on key topics of interest in a manner that is equitable, barrier-free, and recognizes the needs and interests of both the community and the City.

Implementation Strategy:

  1. Identify Initiative
  2. Identify Stakeholders
  3. Assign Team
  4. Create Strategic Workplan & Initiate Project
  5. Gather Stakeholder Input
  6. Implement Project
  7. Report Program Performance

Strategy Areas Outlined in the CSP:

  • Housing Choices
    Program Vision: A Redmond with a variety of housing choices for all income levels that reflects our community.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    Program Vision: A Redmond that creates a healthy, sustainable environment for all generations and conserves our natural resources, affords a high quality of life, and draws from scientific evidence-based data.
  • Technology & Information Services (TIS) Infrastructure
    Program Vision: A Redmond that is connected, smart, and future-focused, with highly-engaged users (internal & external) and easily used products.
  • Cultural Inclusion
    Program Vision: A Redmond in which all residents can fully and effectively access city services, influence city policy and direction, and feel a sense of belonging and safety.
  • Infrastructure
    Program Vision: A Redmond that is safe, multi-modal, smart, green, and has high value for long-term infrastructure investments that support the future needs of Redmond.

See the full Community Strategic Plan (CSP)