Construction Updates

May 4, 2021

The Redmond Pool is open. Check out the latest Press Release.  See and feel difference by planning a visit to the pool. The City's operational partner, Wave Aquatics, has information on programs, activities and services. Visit to plan your visit. 


RP_Pool area

Redmond Pool Update - April 28, 2021

Construction is complete and the City's Operational partner, Wave Aquatics, is preparing to reopen the facility with a modified program and operations plan that is aligned with the Governor’s guidelines. 


Redmond Pool Update - March 5, 2021

We are getting close to completion. Crews are continuing final work on the flooring, which is required before final inspection (and permitting) can be scheduled with the Department of Health. Continue to check back for updates.

Redmond Pool Update - February 16, 2021

The Redmond Pool is anticipated to open for operations with Wave Aquatics in March 2021 due to delays in final construction details and final construction permitting.

Redmond Pool Update - February 4, 2021

Interior signage was installed throughout the facility today. Crews are continuing to work on the floor surfacing in the natatorium. Here are some new photos. It's fun to see the facility come together!

Interior Signage_2.4.21

WLR Icon_2.4.21

Shower Stalls_2.4.21

Redmond Pool Update - February 2, 2021

The City is nearing completion of Phase 2 of the Redmond Pool project and is targeting opening the pool in February.

Flooring in the lobby and locker room has been completed. Contractors are currently working on the floor surfacing in the natatorium which will be completed in a few days. City staff will focus on installing the diving board, starting blocks, ADA lift, and acoustical panels in the natatorium, and installing interior signage over the next week. Once final inspections and site preparation are complete, we will provide access to WAVE Aquatics, our operational partner to move in and prepare for programming.

Check out the new welcome wall recently installed!

Pool Welcome Wall

Redmond Pool Update- January, 2021

We are getting closer to completion! All Phase 1 work was completed in summer 2020, including new boilers, HVAC system, roof, windows, and a new pool liner. We continue to make progress in Phase 2. The lobby is almost complete, with new tile, light fixtures, windows, and the relocation of the customer service desk to expand the lobby area. Two new Family / All Gender rooms with a sink, toilet and shower are  also nearing completion. The locker room tile,  lockers, benches, and fixtures are installed.

The remaining work includes floor surfacing, interior signage installation, acoustical panels, new starting blocks, reinstallation of bleachers, and new lobby furniture. Final permitting approval from the Department of Health and building inspection is required before the pool is authorized to reopen. We will continue to keep you updated on the status of the project at and are working with our operating partner, Wave Aquatics, on an official reopening date. Check out the photos below!

Women's Locker Room Photos:

Here is a photo of the new shower stalls
Shower Stalls

Here is a photo of the new lockers with bench seating. 

New Lockers

Lobby Photos:

Here is a photo of the lobby (facing the entrance). Check out the new tile and lights!

Lobby Tilework

Here is a photo of the welcome wall, with the pool office to the left. This photo is taken from the lobby.


Here is a photo of the lobby as you walk into the facility. The glass windows were just installed.

Redmond Pool Lobby- Facing the pool

Men's Locker Room: 

Check out the new tile, lockers, and benches as you come in. Showers are located around the corner

Locker Room Entrance (2)

Family / All Gender Room:

Here is a photo of one of the new Family / All Gender rooms. There are two in the facility, and each will include a toilet, sink, and shower. 

Family All Gender

Exterior Building:

The building is ready for beautification! Enhancements will include the installation of public art on the front of the building, and the addition of plants and vegetation. We can't wait until we can welcome people back to the building!

Redmond Pool Building

Redmond Pool Update- 11/16/2020

The Redmond Pool project is anticipated to be complete in January 2021 due to delays in the delivery of materials. 

Read the recent Press Release for more information.

Redmond Pool Update- 10/8/2020

City staff provided an update to City Council on the status of the Redmond Pool project. Updates on the project include: the installation of a new bulkhead, the refurbishment of the acoustical panels, new pool deck drains, and new walls in the lobby and locker room. 

New walls in the lobby

Accoustical panel Refurbishment

Redmond Pool Update - 9/4/2020

The concrete has started pouring in the locker rooms and lobby! It is really starting to take shape in there. 


Redmond Pool Update - 7/27/20

Demolition of the locker rooms as part of Phase 2

Pool Demolition

Redmond Pool Update - 7/7/2020

For instant fun- just add water! The Redmond Pool has been filled, and City staff provided an update to City Council on the status of the project. 

Filled Pool and final commissioning

Redmond Pool Update - 6/20/20

The new pool liner was installed and this work is complete. Crews started to fill the pool over the weekend. 

Pool liner 3

Redmond Pool Update - 11/8/19

The Redmond Pool is currently in the first phase of essential improvements which include new mechanical and electrical systems, air handling units, boiler systems, roof and windows, and improved circulation. These improvements will result in better air and water quality, energy efficiencies and operational savings. Phase 2 includes locker room and lobby improvements, pool deck re-surfacing and ADA improvements. 

Recently contractors discovered an existing but unknown condition. The substructure of the pool is compromised; there are areas where concrete has deteriorated leaving aggregate and rusting rebar behind. The damage extends sporadically from approximately 1’ to 5’ off the bottom of the pool’s deep end. This unexpected repair will take approximately 3 months to correct the substructure and complete the pool lining. To accommodate this unexpected delay the Redmond Pool will not open in November as previously scheduled and will remain closed to complete both Phase 1 and 2 and is expected to re-open in fall of 2020.

Redmond Pool Update - 10/24/19

While our contractor was demolishing the lining in the deep end of the pool, an existing but unknown condition was discovered. The substructure of the pool is compromised; there are areas where concrete has deteriorated leaving aggregate and rusting rebar behind. Anderson Poolworks investigated on Tuesday, 10/22/19 and found the damage extends sporadically from approximately 1’ to 5’ off of the bottom of the pool’s deep end.

The pool was scheduled to open in November after the first phase of work was completed but due to these new developments, we will calculate a new timeline for the pool when we have determined the scope of work for the structural engineers and Anderson Poolworks. We hope to have the new timeline available next week.

Redmond Pool - September 2 work

September 3, 2019

The boilers were set up in their final location, and gas lines were reworked to the mechanical room. The domestic water lines over the pool were also replaced. Crews onsite continued to work on the air ducts, mechanical room, and the roof this week.

Redmond Pool- Concrete Pouring

August 26, 2019

Crews did demo work on the drywall throughout the facility, concrete pads were poured into the mechanical room for the equipment, and new boilers were placed. Work also continued on the roof, where details around the edges of the upper roof was completed.

Redmond Pool- New Boilers

August 12, 2019

Crews completed welding on the structural steel frame, completed ductwork and finalized the insulation taper and roofing on the upper roof.

Redmond Pool 8.12.19 _
Redmond Pool 8.12.19

August 5, 2019

Crews continued work on the upper roof – with the second half of the upper section completed this week. Work was also completed on installing and coating structural steel in the mechanical room, and testing was completed on the skylights.

8/6/19 Pool Update Status

8/6/19 Pool Update Status

July 29, 2019

This week the crews started the installation of the new taper system on the roof, and 40% of the upper roof was installed with the new TPO surface membrane. A ramp was also constructed, and installed in the pool to allow crews to move lifts into the pool and completed work on the ACT ceiling above the pool.

7/29/19 Pool Work

July 22, 2019

Crews installed steel and structural steel components in the mechanical room, and removed filers out of the surge tank. Roof insulation was delivered, and staff continued to demo the upper roof.

7.22.19_Roof Work

7.22.19 Week Work

July 15, 2019

Crews continued to remove equipment from the mechanical room, including the concrete boiler flue, and are preparing to remove the concrete surge tank. Work also started on the roof of the Redmond Pool this week, with the removal of the existing roof above the mechanical room and the front lower roof.

Redmond Pool- Week 3

Redmond Pool- Week 4

July 8, 2019

All large pieces of equipment were removed from the mechanical room, and fencing was placed around the perimeter of the pool for safety and security. A carpenter team removed some of the ACT ceiling over the pool walkway to prepare for a clear space for new duct and lighting installation.

Redmond Pool- Week 3.1

July 1, 2019

Crews started the draining process of the Redmond Pool, and plumbers and fitters were onsite this week to demo the piping systems and pumps in the mechanical room. The next week will be focused on removing some of the largest systems, including the air handling units, and begin to scope and assess the pipes once the pool is fully drained

Redmond Pool- Drained completely

Jun 24, 2019- Redmond Pool Closed for Improvements

The Redmond Pool closed today to begin Phase 1 work of the Pool Improvement project. City crews and contractor staff started to drain the pool and prepare the space for improvement work to begin.

Redmond Pool draining

Redmond Pool Improvement Updates