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Help Preserve and Increase Redmond's Tree Canopy

Tree canopy coverage refers to the amount of area that is covered by tree foliage and is an important indicator of environmental health, and a high priority for the community. The City of Redmond is currently at 38.1% tree canopy (as of 2017).

In 2019, the City adopted a goal of 40% tree canopy coverage over a thirty-year time horizon. 

This goal was established based on community input and represents a 200-acre increase in canopy from where we are today. The City currently restores and plants approximately two acres of trees and shrubs annually, and will be planting four acres of trees in 2019 and 2020 to support this goal. Achieving a 40% tree canopy is not something the City can do alone. Over half the opportunity for increasing canopy is on private lands, and we need the help of the community.

Redmond's character and the main attraction for many community members is its trees, wooded areas, and urban forests. 

City of Redmond adopted a Tree Canopy Strategic Plan in 2019 to outline strategies to achieve the 40% tree canopy coverage goal - that can be accomplished over a thirty-year time horizon.

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Use these helpful tips and other great resources to play your role in contributing towards the 40%

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