Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)

MIH team photoThe mission of the MIH program is to provide resources for emergency responders and citizens within our region that work proactively to reduce unnecessary emergent call volume and better the health of our community.

The three participating cities are Redmond, Duvall, and Snoqualmie.

Four Steps to Fall Prevention

  1. Regular Activity: Regular physical activity can improve balance and coordination.
  2. Make a Safe Home: We offer complimentary safety inspections.
  3. Review Medications: Review your medications with a healthcare provider. Some can make you feel sleepy or dizzy.
  4. Check Your Vision: Have your vision checked at least once per year. Poor vision can lead to an increased chance of falling.

What is MIH?

The MIH program is funded and operated by Medic One and local fire departments, in partnership with King County Emergency Medical Services. Specially trained firefighter EMTs and paramedics assist citizens in Northeast King County by connecting them to the right resources in an effort to increase community health and well-being.

Resource Navigation

The MIH team is tightly woven into the community and can assist you in finding those tough to find resources. MIH works with Aging and Disability Services, King County Falls Prevention, and other local and county programs. MIH can also do a safety inspection of your living area and give you suggestions to reduce injury. Our goals are your goals toward a healthier life, home and community.


The MIH team primarily accepts referrals from 911 providers within the region. When first responders refer a citizen, the MIH members meet with them to find resources to stay independent and healthy.

How It Works

After the team receives a referral or request, a specially trained EMT or paramedic visits you in your home to better understand your situation, needs and concerns. Our team works with you to create a plan to connect you to the right resources. This service is provided at no cost and is funded by the Medic One levy.

Mobile Integrated Health: A Success Story

Redmond’s Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program helped a local family who had recently welcomed a new daughter. The child was born with medical complications that kept her hospitalized for the first three months of her life.

One day while the parents were walking through the neighborhood before going to the hospital, they stopped to chat with two firefighters outside Station 14. When the firefighters heard about their daughter’s experience, they offered to keep her information at the station so they could provide faster service if needed, and they connected the parent to the Mobile Integrated Health (MIH) program.

When their daughter came home, she required oxygen and feeding tubes, and the parents share that it was overwhelming. Redmond firefighters and MIH staff kept in touch with the family, helping them to get comfortable with the equipment and feel less overwhelmed. MIH staff even identified an attachment that was an incorrect size and coordinated replacing it.

The family never had to call 911 while in Redmond, but one day while driving through Bellevue their daughter began turning blue. They pulled over, called 911, and remembered that Redmond paramedics had told them to turn up her oxygen in situations like this. They did, and their daughter’s color was back to normal before first responders arrived.

Redmond Fire Department provides residents with the highest levels of professionalism, expertise, and compassion. Redmond firefighters and paramedics find innovative ways to meet the needs of community members, such as the MIH program which provides resources for emergency responders and residents within our region that work proactively to reduce unnecessary emergency call volume and better the health of our community. In 2021, MIH had 1,473 client interactions and was able to decrease 60% of 911 calls from high utilizers.

When you see firefighters out and about, wave and say hi. They are always happy to see your smiling faces and honored to be of service.