Community Equity Advisory Team

Redmond Police Community Equity Advisory Team

In 2018, the Redmond Police Department formed aCEAT 2024 new committee to act as an advisory council on issues of equity, transparency, and community relations. The council, named the Community Equity Advisory Team (CEAT), is comprised of people who live or work in Redmond and includes multiple perspectives from commonly underrepresented voices.

The goal is for the police department to hear ideas and experiences from all parts of the community, especially those who are often overlooked. The group advises the Department on ways the police can positively impact our relationships with the people we serve.

The group is currently working with Chanin Kelly-Rae, a consultant who specializes in helping businesses and governments improve their systems to be more inclusive and equitable. Kelly-Rae’s motto is “Build nothing for us, without us.” Her words are a guiding principle as CEAT moves forward.

CEAT includes team members from various faith organizations, nonprofits, the LGBTQIA+ community, homeless outreach, domestic violence survivors, people with disabilities, City of Redmond employees, students, and representatives from ethnic and cultural communities.

The council was created in partnership with a team of Leadership Eastside students and law enforcement representatives who came together to look at inequities between the police and the community. Stakeholders have said that every single interaction matters – positive and negative – and the police should work continue to build opportunities for more positive, non-enforcement interactions with their community.

We are now accepting applications for new members!

For more information on the RPD Community Equity Advisory Team, please contact Sgt. Patty Neorr at,, or 425-556 2691. Apply now at CEAT Application.

More information on CEAT's Founding Mission, Vision and Values.