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Redmond Police Department Safe PlaceRPD Safe Place decal

Redmond Police Department is committed to ensuring all Redmond community members and visitors know that bias-based crimes will not be tolerated in our city. The RPD Safe Place program creates areas of refuge for victims of these types of crimes to seek assistance. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, RPD Safe Place provides a visual clue for anyone experiencing violence or harassment based on their race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. to know they can get help in the participating establishment. 

Redmond PD has adopted the Safe Place model created by the Seattle Police Department in 2015. Seattle PD Safe Place is a law enforcement-sponsored and overseen initiative that was born out of a need to address low reporting of anti-LGBTQ+ crimes and school bullying incidents by increasing public trust in law enforcement and feelings of safety in the community. The program was expanded in 2018 to include anyone who may have been a victim of a bias crime. SPD was the first law enforcement agency in the nation to launch a program of this kind. For more information on the inception of the Safe Place program and details of what constitutes bias-related crimes, please visit Seattle Police Department Safe Place. 

How it Works

RPD Safe Place is a unique partnership with the business community that serves a critical role in assisting the victims of these crimes. Businesses that participate place an easily recognizable decal at their entrances.  This symbol is a signal for victims of hate crimes that this location has partnered with the police, will call 911 on their behalf, and allow them a safe place to stay on the premises until the police arrive.   

  • Over 6,000 businesses throughout Seattle currently participate in the program. 
  • Over 200 police agencies throughout the US and Canada, including Bellevue and Redmond, are actively working with SPD to offer Safe Place in their communities.  

In 2018, the SPD Safe Place program and decal were updated to encourage any victim of a hate crime, not just those related to the LGBTQ+ community to seek help with Safe Place. 

The Importance of Reporting Hate Crimes

For the police to respond effectively to any crime, they must be notified immediately via 911 so that any injuries can be treated, witnesses can be interviewed, and evidence can be collected and preserved.

Unfortunately, victims of bias-motivated crimes are often fearful to report for a variety of reasons.  This can lead to significant under-reporting and inaccurate statistics.  It also allows the suspects who committed these crimes to continue their behavior with other victims. The Redmond Police Department wants victims of hate crimes to feel comfortable reporting these incidents to the police. Understanding Hate Crimes.

Ways to Report

  • If the incident is happening now or just happened, call 911 immediately.
  • If the incident has already occurred, the immediate danger is over and there are no injuries, call 425-556-2500.

Information for Participating Businesses

RPD Safe Place is an initiative designed to assist the victims of hate/bias crimes and to encourage the reporting of these crimes.

How can my business participate?

  • Submit an application and order decal(s)
  • Commit to the Safe Place principles
  • Once your request is received, RPD's Safe Place program administrator will deliver or mail your decals and/or posters to your location and provide further training to you and/or your staff on the RPD Safe Place concept. 

What are my responsibilities?

Although the RPD SAFE PLACE program is free and voluntary, it is important that you educate your staff regarding their responsibilities:

  • If a crime victim enters your premise, your staff should call 911 immediately on the victim's behalf.
  • Allow the victim to remain on your premise until the police arrive. 
  • If the victim leaves prior to police arrival, re-contact 911 and update the operator with the victim's and/or suspect's description and direction of travel.   

As with any emergency situation, your staff should use due care and caution when providing the victims of crime safe shelter while being mindful of the safety of patrons, co-workers and compliance with company policy. 

For information about RPD's Safe Place program please contact Ofc. Rebecca Atkinson at 425-556-2654 or