SE Redmond Tank Painting and Seismic Upgrade

Photo of SE Redmond Tank

Project Overview

The City owns and operates a water reservoir tank in the SE Redmond Neighborhood near Fire Station 16 and Genie Industries. The steel water tank, built in 1996, is over 60 feet high and has a diameter of over 100 feet. The water tank has a capacity of 4.5 million gallons. After over 20 years, the tank interior and exterior paint surfaces are now scheduled for re-coating.

During the construction phase, the tank will have to be drained and disconnected from the City’s water distribution system for up to eight months. The temporary shutdown will have no impact to water service because of water system redundancy.

While the tank is drained and shut down, engineers will have the opportunity to evaluate the steel tank’s seismic structural design from 1996. The City expects the tank will need a structural update to meet more current seismic codes restrictions. This project will also make other improvements to safety railings, storm gutters, support piping and the telemetry system.

The City has hired Gray & Osborn, an experienced professional engineering firm to evaluate, design and prepare bid documents. Gray & Osborn will also help oversee the construction by providing construction support.