Fire Station 16 & Fleet Shop Seismic Upgrades

Photo of Fire Station 16

Project Overview

Fire Stations, along with hospitals and police stations, are designated by building code as essential facilities. The proposed fire station seismic upgrades are crucial to ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of our regional critical facilities after an earthquake. Seismic upgrades for essential facilities must go beyond “life safety” standards to a higher level of protection to minimize damage so that these facilities have an improved capability to function during and after a design level earthquake.

Fire Station 16 and the adjacent Fire Department maintenance facility are in the SE Redmond Neighborhood. The City of Redmond has hired Reid Middleton to conduct preliminary design work and seismic evaluations for these two buildings. Their assessment will evaluate the ability of these buildings to resist added seismic loads and identify any deficiencies. Once the evaluation assessment and preliminary design phase of the project are complete, Reid Middleton will begin the final design.