Keep Redmond Clean & Green

The City has several programs dedicated to reducing or eliminating pollution before it causes environmental harm. The City’s efforts are enhanced by Redmond residents and business owners taking action. A few easy steps and simple changes to habits can keep pollutants out of the environment and our water sources, keeping our drinking water clean.

Please continue reading for ways on how YOU , as a Redmond resident, visitor or business owner, can make a difference Where You Live and Where You Work.

Where You Live

Join your neighbors in adopting a storm drain to protect the environment and help prevent flooding.

Keep your neighborhood clean and protect Redmond rivers, streams, and lakes.

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Where You Work

Wash your cars at a commercial car wash because they are required to send polluted wash water to the sanitary sewer system where the water is treated and cleaned. By doing so, you prevent polluted water from entering storm drains which lead to our water sources without treatment. Read our Car Wash brochure in our Related Documents section for more information.

Cascade Water Alliance offers FREE evaluations of automatic, in-ground sprinkler systems at qualifying commercial or multi-family properties.  An irrigation efficiency audit can help you use water more efficiently and lower your property’s water bill.  Check out the Cascade Irrigation Evaluation Application at:

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