Proctor Willows

Project Overview

The project proposes development of approximately 10-acres of a 15-acre site. The development will consist of townhouses and mixed-use residential building construction with associated open space, recreation space, roads trails and utilities.

Project numbers:  

  • LAND-2021-00936, Site Plan Entitlement - Phase III Townhomes
  • LAND-2019-01194, Site Plan Entitlement - Phase II Mixed-Use Building
  • LAND-2019-00585, Site Plan Entitlement - Phase I - 87 of the 174 townhomes
  • LAND-2019-00349, Master Planned Development
  • LAND-2019-00351, Development Agreement
  • SEPA-2019-00807, State Environmental Policy Act

Project Information:

Tech Report (PDF)
Vicinity Map (PDF)
General Application (PDF)
Notice of Application LAND-2021-00936 (PDF)
Notice of Application LAND-2019-01194 (PDF)
Notice of Application LAND-2019-00585 (PDF)
Notice of Application LAND-2019-00349 and 00351 (PDF)
SEPA-2019-00807 (PDF)
Public Comments (PDF)
Master Plan (PDF)
Development Agreement (PDF)
Transportation Study (PDF)
Stormwater Report (PDF)
Tree Evaluation and Health Assessment (PDF)
Design Review Board Meeting Minutes (PDF)
Critical Areas Report (PDF)
Geotechnical Report (PDF)
Notice of Decision LAND-2019-00585 (PDF)
Notice of Decision LAND-2019-01194 (PDF)
Notice of Decision LAND-2021-00936 (PDF)