Light Rail Extension 

Redmond is preparing for the arrival of four light rail stations: Overlake Village, Redmond Technology, Marymoor Village, and Downtown Redmond stations. In spring 2024, Redmond will welcome the opening of the 2 Line, connecting the South Bellevue Station to the Redmond Technology Station. The light rail connection to Downtown Redmond and across Lake Washington is anticipated to open in 2025. The extension of Sound Transit’s light rail into Redmond will provide fast, frequent, and reliable connections around town, Bellevue, Seattle, and to the rest of the region.

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The City's Role with Light Rail

Although this is a Sound Transit project, the City of Redmond is working together with them to share information on construction, traffic impacts, and other issues that may affect our community or nearby homes, businesses, or properties during the design and construction of light rail.


Overlake East Link Extension











Construction & Testing
Construction & Testing

Downtown and Southeast Redmond

Creating Access to Stations

To get riders to and from light rail, Redmond has secured funding and is partnering with Sound Transit to construct a number of multi-modal city facilities to create access to the four stations, including:

  • Two pedestrian/bicycle bridges over SR 520 
  • Pedestrian/bicycle tunnel funded by Microsoft under NE 40th Street at the terminus for Eastlink and the start of the Downtown Redmond Link Extension
  • Improved vehicular access to Marymoor Village and Station in SE Redmond from SR 202
  • Improved vehicular access at the intersection of SR 202 and NE 76th Street near SR 520
  • Grade separated connection between City’s Redmond Central Connector shared-use path and King County’s East Lake Sammamish Parkway trail through the SR 520/SR 202 Interchange and over Bear Creek
  • Integration of the City’s Redmond Central Connector with the elevated light rail guideway through Downtown
  • 156th Ave NE Shared Use Path across the street from the Redmond Technology Station
  • NE 40th Street Shared Use Path with direct access into the Redmond Technology Station 
  • Intersection improvements at SR 202 and East Lake Sammamish Parkway to improve access to Marymoor Village and Station 
  • Cleveland Street sidewalk reconstruction to improve access to the DT Station

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