Willows Road Pavement Overlay

Project Overview

This project rehabilitated approximately 2 miles of roadway between NE 90th Street and NE 124th Street. 

In addition to the paving work, several sidewalk ramps were upgraded to meet the current ADA standards, including ramps located at:

  1. Willows/91st (4 ramps)
  2. Willows/9641 Driveway (2 ramps)
  3. Willows/9521 Driveway (2 ramps)
  4. Willows/Overlake Christian Church (2 ramps)
  5. Willows/11261 Driveway (2 ramps)
  6. Willows/NE 116th Street (2 ramps)

Willows Road Construction Update – The current temporary street markings will be replaced with final street markings when weather allows; anticipated in spring of 2020. To reduce costs, the portion of Willows Road between 95th street and the 9900 block will be paved in coordination with a future culvert project in the area.

Willows Road Project Map