Special Event Permits


Our goal is to help you create a safe and successful event that will contribute to the culture of our great city. We have designed this page to be a resource for you and to assist you with the planning of your special event. If you get stuck or have questions along the way, contact eventpermit@redmond.gov to speak to a member of our team.

  1. Types of Permits
  2. Special Event Permit Process
  3. Special Event Permit Timeline & Requirements
  4. Find a Special Event Venue

Special Event Permit

A Special Event Permit approves and authorizes the event and enables the City of Redmond to schedule adequate support services such as police, traffic control, and Emergency Medical Services to support the event and its safety.

“Special event” means any activity including, but not limited to, a fair, festival, concert, demonstration, rally, performance, show, parade, run/walk/cycle, or other publicly attended activity, entertainment, or celebration which is held in whole or in part upon publicly owned property, streets, sidewalks, trails, walkways or on other public rights-of-way, or if occurring on private property, will nevertheless affect, impact or interfere with the standard, ordinary, and normal use of public property, streets, rights-of-way, walkways, or sidewalks by the general public within the vicinity of such event and/or requires the use of city services. RMC 10.62, Permits for Special Events.

Miscellaneous Park Use Permit

Miscellaneous Park Use Permits are required for non-traditional park activities occurring in Redmond Parks. A “non-traditional park activity” is any activity or gathering that is not permitted by current regulations, park rules, or other existing permits. Some examples include large group gatherings, running, walking, and biking events that remain inside a park, facilities that cannot be rented through our current established rental programs, the use of amplified sound in parks that cannot be accommodated through current established rental programs, and using a metal detector in a park.

The application review process for Miscellaneous Use Permits depends on the scope of the proposed activity, however, a minimum of 30-day notice is expected.

Fees: $25 application fee, $45 Hourly Park Use Fee, and staffing fees if applicable.

Film and Photo Permit

Film and Photo Permits are required for filming of photography in Redmond public spaces including parks, community centers, and other public rights of way. 

The application review process for Film and Photo Permits depends on the scope of the proposed activity, however, a minimum of 30-day notice is expected.

Fees: $25 application fee, $50 hourly Non-Commercial Permit Fee or $75 hourly Commercial Permit Fee, and staffing fees or other permit fees if applicable.