Special Event Permits


Our goal is for to help you create a successful event that will contribute to the culture of our great city. We have designed this page to be a resource for you and to assist you with the planning of your special event. If you get stuck or have questions along the way, contact eventpermit@redmond.gov to speak to a member of our team.

  1. Special Event Permit Process
  2. Special Event Permit Timeline & Requirements
  3. Find a Venue

Step 1: Review the Special Events Guide

Before applying, we recommend reviewing the Special Events Guide. The Guide contains the Special Events timeline, committee review period, event requirements, fees, and helpful resources for planning your event. 

Applications are due 90 days prior to your event. Applications received less than 90 days are subject to increased fees.

Step 2: Complete the Special Event Permit Application Packet

The Special Event Application Packet serves as your official intent to apply. The packet but be completed in FULL in order to be accepted and routed to the Special Events Committee. A complete Special Event Permit Application Packet includes:

  • A Special Event Application
  • A proposed site or route map
  • A list of activities
  • A timeline that includes all setup, clean-up, deliveries or pick-ups, and open hours of the event.

Step 3: Submit the Special Event Application Packet

Send your Special Event Application Packet to: 

  • By email to EventPermit@Redmond.gov 
  • By mail to: 
    Redmond City Hall
    ATTN: Special Events, MS: 4NPK
    PO Box 97010
    Redmond, WA 98073

Step 4: Application Review

Your completed application packet will be routed for review by our Special Events Committee and Parks and Recreation Department staff members.

Step 5: Issue Permit and Invoice

When the permit receives final approval, we will issue the special event permit with an invoice for all associated costs. They will be delivered by email to the email address listed on your application.