Construction and Permits


You want to build a new house, add to an existing house, remodel or construct a deck.


You want to construct a new commercial, mixed-use or multi-family structure. Also includes, additions, tenant improvements, Retaining Walls, Wireless communication facilities, stormwater vaults, rack storage.

Trade Permits

You want to apply for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing permits that are either issued over-the-counter or require plan review.

Fire Permit

You want to install or alter a fire sprinkler or fire alarm system. Also includes fire installation and fire fixed-suppression system permits.

Coordinated Civil Review

You want to apply for the civil engineering review of your proposed subdivision, site plan entitlement, etc.

Clear and Grade/Rough Grade

You want to apply for approval to clear or rough grade your property associated with a development project.

Utility Permit

You want to apply for a side sewer permit, water meter permit or hydrant use permit.

Tree Removal Permit

You want to apply to remove a tree.