Redmond Community Connections

King County Metro and the City of Redmond are working together to bring better transportation services to Education Hill, Bear Creek, Downtown and the Southeast neighborhoods of Redmond. A survey launching May 13 will help shape potential solutions. This survey will be open through May 28. Metro and the City of Redmond will use the feedback received to develop potential solutions that Metro’s Community Connections program can help provide, with the goal of improving transportation options in areas that are not well served by fixed-route bus service. Click to participate in the survey


The Redmond Loop shuttle service ended on December 28, 2018. A group was formed called the Redmond Community Connections Working Group to determine how the LOOP should be replaced. Please see the January 15, 2019 Press Release:Stakeholders Needed for Redmond Community Connections Project.

King County Metro, with Redmond’s assistance, formed a working group of nearly 20 volunteers to offer guidance on defining local needs and deriving a set of potential transportation solutions. Volunteers represent residents and businesses from different neighborhoods and will participate in four meetings in 2019.