Redmond Community Connections

The City of Redmond and King County Metro are collaborating to improve transportation services in Redmond’s Education Hill, Bear Creek, Downtown and Southeast neighborhoods. Through Metro’s Community Connections program, the community is shaping mobility options for areas that are not well served by fixed-route bus service but have demand for service that aligns with the City’s Transportation Master Plan. This service takes on added importance as the City prepares for the arrival of Link Light Rail.


The Redmond Loop shuttle service ended in December 2018. Metro's Community Connections process was initiated to determine the best type of transit service to replace it.

In January 2019, King County Metro, with Redmond’s assistance, formed a Stakeholder Working Group (SWG) of nearly 20 volunteers to offer guidance on defining local needs and deriving a set of potential transportation solutions. Volunteers, representing residents and businesses from different neighborhoods, participated in four meetings in 2019. 

Working closely with SWG, Metro initiated the planning process in 2019 and concluded proceedings in January 2020. Two Community Questionnaires were conducted:

  • The first in May 2019 to identify mobility needs, and
  • The second in November 2019 to explore solutions to meet identified needs
With this information, Metro is continuing to work with the City to plan on-demand transit service for Redmond that will:
  • Provide short trips (“first/last mile”) to connect to key local destinations,
  • Fill mid-day service gaps, and
  • Offer flexibility to serve multiple kinds of travelers and trip purposes.

Additional details and project news can be found on Metro’s Community Connections website.