Redmond School

Redmond City Landmarks

Redmond School, 16600 NE 80th Street

Redmond School

The Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center was built in 1922, consisted of 12 rooms, and served grades 1 through 12. It has been expanded and modified over the years but maintains significant historical integrity. 

The Redmond Schoolhouse was built in 1922 of brown brick and is one of the oldest buildings constructed as a school. The structure includes a 1925 addition as well. The school was built on land donated by William Perrigo. It contains twelve class rooms, and taught grades 1 to 12.

As it does today, the school had a strong sense of community. There was a significant amount of focus on community events such as holiday programs, dances, theatrical productions, annual carnivals, and other events which were held in the auditorium.

As Redmond’s population continued to grow the Redmond School District, established in 1906 and merged in 1944 into what is today the Lake Washington School District. And, the Old Redmond Schoolhouse was one of the major elementary schools in the area. Many of the central figures in the development of Redmond once went to this school.

In 1999, the Lake Washington School district leased the Old Redmond Schoolhouse to the City of Redmond and it was dedicated as the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center. The Old Redmond Schoolhouse is now a community hub, and plays a central role in the community development. It offers recreational programs, room rentals, leases, and can be rented out for large gatherings. The Old Redmond Schoolhouse has demonstrated the growth of the community and unity that still continues to expand today.