Lodge Hall

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Lodge Hall

Redmond Hardware, 7875 Leary Way NE

Redmond Hardware
Currently home to Edge and Spoke, this building was constructed in 1903. Much like the Bill Brown Building, many uses have occupied this structure including a tavern, boarding house, theater, and hardware store.

Lodge Hall also known as Redmond Hardware was built in 1903 and is also one of the oldest remaining wood frame buildings in downtown Redmond. The two story building contains a hand dug cellar beneath the building that is accessible by a trap door from the interior. This trap cellar likely functioned as storage for beer kegs in Redmond’s first saloon which was located on the first floor of the building, the upper story was used as a boarding house. By the 1920’s the upper story was rented out to the Modern Woodsmen and Insurance Lodge to hold meetings, while dances were held on the first floor.

In 1924, Redmond’s first hardware store, Redmond Hardware was opened by Clarence R. Pope. One of the establishments that teen-aged boys sought out for part-time employment, Redmond Hardware embedded itself as a vital part of the community. The building remained a hardware store until 1969 when the stores second owner Arthur “Art” Nesland died.

Lodge Hall has been occupied by a variety of businesses including; a tavern, theater, restaurant, Gerk’s Ski and Cycle Shop, and presently Edge and Spoke. The history of Lodge Hall is a rare example of commercial structures in America in the early 1900’s and a reminder of the city’s early commercial development.