Browns Garage

Redmond City Landmarks

Brown's Garage, 16389 Redmond Way

Brown's Garage

The former location of Underhill's Furniture, Mayor Bill Brown originally constructed this building as a 20-car repair shop in 1920.
Brown’s Garage was built by Mayor Bill Brown in 1920. It was said that Bill Brown was one of the biggest influences on Redmond. This building is an early adaption to the rising popularity in the automobile, and a major contributor to the growth and development of Redmond in the 1920’s.
Brown’s Garage is an attractive masonry building. It was built as a 20-car repair shop, machine shop, office, and had an oil and gas station on the premises. The business was very successful, attracting and profiting from highway traffic.

Through the years, this building has gone through many owners and uses.
In 1937 Town Councilman George Julian and Firefighter Volunteer Chief Jack Buckley purchased the garage and renamed it Redmond Motor Sales.
They remodeled the building to accommodate a Chrysler-Plymouth dealership. Other uses of Brown’s Garage have been a real estate office, a bank, and Underhill’s Furniture. Today it is a state liquor store.