City Buildings Phone Maintenance

Scheduled outage
Thursday Nov. 15, 2018: 6 - 7pm

Redmond Technology and Information Services (TIS) department will be performing maintenance on our telephone system. The maintenance will start promptly at 6:00 PM and will last approximately 1 hour.

Services not available during the outage

  • Incoming calls from external phone numbers to City phone extensions (i.e. - Cell calls to City extensions)
  • Outgoing calls from City phone extensions to external phone numbers, including calls to 911

Services available during the outage

Calls between City extensions (i.e. - calling from one City extension to another City extension).

If you experience an emergency while on City premises during the outage, please dial 2500 from a City desk phone to reach Police Dispatch for assistance, or use a cell phone to dial 911.


CenturyLink has built us new voice circuits in the Public Safety Building and at Fire Station 17. We now need to cutover to these new circuits which require a 1 hour window of time.