Overlake Village South Detention Vault Project

Located in the east parking lot of the Sears store near NE 20th Street and 148th Ave NE, the Overlake South Detention Vault (one of three underground stormwater facilities planned for the area) will be the first regional facility to serve Overlake.

Developed by the City, and the recipient of a $1 million grant provided by the Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE), the structure will store and slowly release stormwater that drains to nearby creeks. It will significantly reduce erosion and will introduce water quality benefits to the stream system, providing a more ecologically stable home for the salmon population in the Kelsey Creek Watershed.

Over the years, as surrounding property develops in Overlake, park facilities are proposed to replace the parking on top of the vault. The development of this park would occur in the future, alongside other neighborhood redevelopment projects. In the meantime, parking use by the owner of the property will continue. 

Project Update: March 2014
The project’s first phase, involving the relocation of stormwater facilities and power service, met completion in February. Phase two of the project, scheduled to get underway this spring, will include the construction of a six million-gallon stormwater vault and restored parking lot area, which will be built on top of the facility’s lid.  

The south vault is proposed to be operational in 2015, with construction occurring over spring/summer/fall 2014. A new parking area will be built on the vault lid the following year in spring/summer/fall in 2015.

NE 20th Street will be open during the day with lane restrictions. This means that traffic levels on other arterial roads in the vicinity of the project likely will increase during the construction periods. This work will occur primarily during the day time with the possibility of some night work.

The South Detention Vault will be constructed in three stages, moving forward:

Stage 1:
March - November 
(Construction begins on the vault's south cell)

Stage 2:
November - January 2015

Stage 3 (final stage):
January 2015 - June 2015

June 2015: Project scheduled for completion

Project-Specific Information
March 4, 2014

February 18, 2014

June 18, 2013    
Council awards Phase 2 construction bid to Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

Council Final Acceptance: Phase 1 Utility Relocation Project

Utility Relocation project awarded to Shoreline Construction Co. by Council
April 23, 2013              Project Newsletter
April 17, 2013 Overlake Village Utility Relocation Plans
Dec 19, 2012           Stormwater Alternatives Analysis Report
Sept 5, 2012                 Geotechnical Engineering Report - GeoEngineers, Inc.
Nov 4, 2011    Project Newsletter
June 14, 2011   Overlake Facilities Overview Map
Mar 10,  2011    Consultant Selection Process Information Meeting Presentation
Feb 22, 2011 Preliminary Geotechnical Design Services Report
Nov 2010           Groundwater Elevations
Aug 31, 2010 Proposed Infrastructure Concept

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Contact: Joe O’Leary, Construction Project Manager, 425-556-2738 
                Steve Hitch, Senior Stormwater Engineer, 425-556-2891