Redmond Urban Watershed Initiative (RUWI)

Stormwater Management in Redmond

The Redmond Urban Watersheds Initiative (RUWI) is a joint effort of the Washington State Department of Ecology, United States Environmental Protection Agency, and the City of Redmond to explore ways to reduce stormwater-related impacts to the City's surface waters.

For this project, the RUWI team examined the relationships between land use and pollutants generated by stormwater systems in Redmond. To do this, the RUWI team:

  • Summarized the history of stormwater management in Redmond.
  • Examined interrelationships among land-use, impervious surface, and surface water quality across Redmond watersheds.
  • Examined the relationship between Bellevue, Washington's (an adjacent city) storm-event water quality data (1988-1993) and watershed impervious surface levels.
  • Applied EPA's water quality duration curve methodology to Redmond's streamflow and surface water quality data. Explored the relationship between several additional landscape-levels, watershed land-use variables, and surface water quality.
  • Modeled alternative futures for Redmond's land-use and applied them to future surface water quality.
The reports were completed in late 2008.

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